StuCo joins AAJHSC

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Student Council, Trips


By Jenevieve Saidi
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon’s StuCo joined AAJHSC. Joining the Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils will give the group a chance to attend leadership conferences and meet other students in student council.
     CCJH’s StuCo joined AAJHSC to get the opportunity to learn to become better team members and individuals and meet other people in student council around the state. Their first leadership conference was on Nov. 5 and they listened to speakers talk about becoming a better leader and how to learn from their mistakes.
     “There are workshops for advisers, which will allow me to learn from the experiences of other teachers,” said Jason Davis, the StuCo advisor. “The students get to attend workshops that help them with school spirit, leadership, community involvement, and fundraising.”
     Becoming a part of AAJHSC gives students the opportunity to see over 1,000 other kids being a part of student councils. It lets them interact with someone other than one of the 20 people they see every day at Cactus Canyon.
     “From my experience with StuCo joining AAJHSC I learned that there are councils like us around the state, eager to learn and inspire,” said Robynn VandeKrol, a student that attended her first conference on Thursday.
     In this association, Mr. Davis will be able to learn from and get tips from teachers with different experiences.
     “There are workshops for advisers, which will allow me to learn from the experiences of other teachers,” said Davis. “I’ve been the StuCo adviser for six years now and I figure new things out all the time. Having others teach me how to do it better is amazing.”
     Student Council will attend another leadership conference in February at the Talking Stick Arena.

  1. Michele says:

    This is a good story. I miss your class Mr.Davis it was so much fun. I feel your students this year will win class blog they are doing so good.

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