Assemblies aim to improve school spirit

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Assemblies, Spirit
StuCo president Tiffani Morris speaks at the year's first assembly.

StuCo president Tiffani Morris speaks at the year’s first assembly.

By Chelsey McCarthy
Cougar News Blog

     Every student and teacher loves having a fun, active assemblies. Cactus Canyon is now having them every quarter as well as having spirit competitions between the seventh- and eighth-grade students.
     The events are a way to recognize student achievement in athletics and academics.
     Most students dressed up in class colors for the first quarter school assembly in October. The colors are red for seventh grade and purple for eighth grade. The colors are the same ones the classes will have at Apache Junction High School.
     “It shows that the students care for our school. It is also really fun showing off our school spirit and watching students do the same,” said eighth grader Meagan Clark.
     CCJH had another competition between seventh and eighth graders in which they would sing a song, once the music cut out it was a contest to who could sing the words the loudest. A group of staff judges awarded a banner to the eighth graders for having the most spirit during the first assembly.
     “I think the spirit competitions and the spirit competition we had gives the students personality and allows them to have fun and get loose,” said eighth grade teacher Jeremy Seaman.
     The students and teachers hope Cactus Canyon continues to have assemblies and different spirit competitions help improve the school spirit. Those could include costumes, art shows, and colorful hats.
     “I would love to participate in more creative spirit competitions,” eighth grade teacher John Leal said. “I would also like the participation of students who don’t normally participate.”
     In addition to improving school spirit, there are other benefits to having the assemblies.
     “I think students learn during these events, in addition from being a part of the community, is it helps them know how to act appropriately in big groups,” said eighth grade science teacher Regan Roach.
     The next assembly and spirit competition will be Thursday, Dec. 17. Students are again asked to wear their class color to school.

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