PE, current events added to enrichment lineup

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Academics, Beyond Texbooks, Enrichment, Physical education, Social Studies

By Chris Munro
Cougar News Blog

     Students at CCJH recently received all-new enrichment classes as part of the Study Skills mission. A couple of these classes include Kim Grant’s PE class and Lin Andresen’s current events class.
     The Study Skills hour provides in-school re-teach opportunities for students who need more time to meet objectives. A variety of enrichment classes have been offered to those who don’t need the tutoring, such as Advertising 101, keyboarding, or forensic science. This year, several classes have been added to this roster.
     “I was asked to offer a PE class,” said Coach Grant. “I like that most of the kids want to be there and usually get into the activity.”
     In Coach Grant’s class, the kids play a variety of sports, as well as have friendly tournaments without needing to dress out. In Mr. Andresen’s class, the kids learn geography and current events as well as have discussions and conversations.
     “I have learned the different kinds of culture there is around the world and how many other countries are different and similar to ours,” said Daniel Garibay Zuniga.
     Mr. Andresen also added that, while technology is an often-used medium to teach children, books and physical text are also good ways to educate children as well.
     “Technology is a very important tool, but reading is still very important and fun,” said Mr. Andresen.


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