Yearbook starts crowdfunding for better equipment

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Academics, Electives, Fundraisers, Yearbook


By Jessica Martinez
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon’s Yearbook began crowdfunding August, for new yearbook equipment. Crowdfunding is a way to use the Internet to raise money for different projects.
     The goal is to purchase more high quality cameras, so the yearbook students would be able to take better quality photographs. They are aiming to raise $2,000, so far they have raised over $350. They want to give the students the opportunity to have regular access to a DSLR camera.
     “I think better equipment will be useful because someone like me for example who doesn’t have a nice $500 camera, or someone else with not that good of quality camera could get a better camera so they could get better quality photos for the yearbook,” said eighth grader Emily Lewis.
     Adviser Jason Davis said over half of the students in class don’t have access a quality camera on a regular basis.
     “It’s expensive,” he said. “The fact of the matter is that equipment matters and those with good cameras tend to be better photographers. Giving everyone access to a good camera every week would boost confidence and allow students to show off their talent.
     The students and the yearbook will be helped out greatly, since the students can take more high-quality pictures, which will improve the book. Having better equipment would allow the students to fulfill their full picture taking potential.
     “If we have more people with the ability to take better photos, our book is going to be better,” said Mr. Davis.
     The students also believe everyone can take more amazing pictures with higher level cameras.
     “Some people in yearbook don’t have the opportunity to have a nice camera that takes good pictures,” said seventh grader SeAnna Brennan. “Students in yearbook could take a really good photo, but because of the type of camera they have, it doesn’t turn out very good. With this fundraising, I hope that more students can be excellent photographers.”
     If they can raise enough money, they want to buy two entry-level DSLR cameras and two additional lenses. IIf crowdfunding works out, they may try again, because more equipment is always useful.
     Mr. Davis said, “If we get this project funded, we will certainly try again. I don’t want to be greedy, so maybe we’d wait a year or two, but we can always use more equipment. Next time, maybe we’d try to get some nice lenses that could be shared among all students.”

Click here for more information about the yearbook class crowdfunding campaign on Go Fund Me.

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