Review: ‘Minions’ is a boss among animated films

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Opinion, Reviews

By Damian Lopez
Cougar News Blog

     Once you’ve seen this movie you’ll be minion to the minions.
     Minions, a children’s animated picture from Illumination Entertainment, the creators of “Despicable Me,” is a heart-warming tale about three minions trying to find a boss for their family. Minions, short, yellow little creatures that have existed since the beginning of time, strive to serve only the most evil master on the planet. After working for some of the most dominant villains in the word, the minions found themselves lost in their small secluded village in Antarctica.
     After being excluded from the world for however many years, three minions gain the courage, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, voiced by Pierre Coffin, set out on a great journey to find their tribe a new boss. The rest of the movie showcases their travels and adventures on the route to finding their new boss.
     This movie is worth watching simply due to its stunning animation, and the small things hidden within the story. There are many references to other films the studio have put out, especially “Despicable Me.” In many scenes you see that movie’s main character, Gru, as a child with his mother. Another main thing to note about the film is its score, which was composed by the great Heitor Pereira.
     The film would be great for any family with small kids or someone simply looking for a laugh.
     Overall, the film is worthy of five-stars. From the amazing visuals to its funniest moments, Minions deserves all the praise it could get. The film is now out on DVD or Blu Ray and purchasable almost everywhere you can buy DVDs.


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