New music class teaches poetry and culture

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Academics, Enrichment

By Jenevieve Saidi
Cougar News Blog

     George Frost started a new study skills music class at Cactus Canyon Junior High. He created it before the second semester started after he was asked to “do something with music.”
     Mr. Frost started this enrichment class for students that are meeting the standards for grade-level math and language arts. His class will teach students about pop culture and show them how music affects the world around them.
     “I want my students to learn about themselves and how the world affects their life,” said Mr. Frost.
     He hopes the class can be student driven and can help students discover new music or hobbies. He wants the class can help students communicate on a different level. He expects the class to be fun and engage students in upper-level critical thinking.
     “The class is meant to teach about some of the aspects of pop culture, even though I am far from an expert,” said Frost.
     If students want something more than just reading and writing, Mr. Frost hopes the class will appeal to them and expand their knowledge on music and poetry.
     “I hope I discover a new artist that I have never heard of and love,” said Siu Lan Waugh, a student in the class.
     The project currently being worked on in class is a 30-day song challenge. Students are given a topic and have to find a song that relates to the topic. The projects he has planned for the future will involve TV shows and movies. He wants students in the class to learn that they all have something valuable to contribute to the world.


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