Girls basketball team looks for repeat title

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Athletics, Girls basketball
Girls basketball players prepare for the new season. (Photo by Brooke Wine)

Girls basketball players prepare for the new season. (Photo by Brooke Wine)

By Jessica M.
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon’s girls basketball team is kicking off the 2016 season with the need to win.
     These students are working very hard to improve from last year. This year’s captains are eighth graders Lola Knotts and Maya Richardson, who played on the team last year. The game itself matters a lot to these students and has been a very important part of their lives.
     “Basketball means everything to me, my dad always played and I always wanted to be just like him. He’s the one that got me started in basketball and I thank him because it’s been the greatest experience of my life,” said Richardson.
     These students are working hard to practice and prepare for this season, in all ways possible. After winning the league title last year, they want to achieve another championship this year. They plan on working hard as a team and individually to become the best players they can become. With only four days a week to practice, they are practicing hard to continue their improvement as a player and a team.
     “I think some of the team strengths are working hard together. A lot of us played together last year so we are used to playing with each other and we know each others strengths and weaknesses so we can work together to make the team amazing,” Knotts said.
     All the players are working hard and practicing a lot. They want to win, but more importantly they want to learn to work as a team.
     “Our goals are to improve every day, have a better understanding of the game of basketball, and to win the championship,” said Coach Kim Grant.
     The goal is for them to improve everyday and fully understand the game of basketball. Coach Grant believes the girls are strongest as a team and are amazing defense players.
     “They will learn how to work hard, that to be successful you have to work as a team, and they will understand basic concepts of basketball,” said Coach Grant.
     The Cougars opened their season with a win over Mountain Vista and continue their season at home on Tuesday, Feb. 2.


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