Advanced science class goes on fishing trip

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Science, Trips
Photo by Talon Izbicki

Photo by Talon Izbicki

By Natalie Delintt
Cougar News Blog

     Eighth graders reeled in a new way to learn by going on a fishing trip.
     Students in Regan Roach’s advanced science class went to a pond at the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Phoenix on Jan. 5 to help further their knowledge of ecology.
     “I wanted my students to learn about native and non-native fish,” said Mrs. Roach.
     Mrs. Roach hasn’t done this trip before and planned it with Arizona Game and Fish to create an authentic activity for the students. Students learned about how fish are related, why they look the way they do, what bait to use for each fish, and how to unhook certain types of fish.
     “I thought it was a true, hands-on experience to the standard,” said Mrs. Roach.
     “I learned that different fish have the same features and how some were related,” said Stephanie Cervantes.
     Most students had been fishing before the trip, but the ones who hadn’t been were taught how to hold the pole correctly, how to keep the hook from hurting themselves or anyone else, how to bait the hook, and how to cast them. It took practice, but eventually everyone was sitting and waiting for a bite.
     The students started fishing around 10 a.m. and fished a few hours before they piled back onto the bus for the long drive back to school.
     Mrs. Roach caught the most fish out of everyone, reeling in six. Some students also caught a few fish, while others weren’t as lucky. A few only caught sticks or leaves and others had fish bite their bait off before they could reel in them in.
     “All I caught was a rock,” said Cervantes.


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