Stockbroker project teaches decision making, media skills

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Academics, Language arts, Project-based Learning

By James Armstrong
Cougar News Blog

     In a learning experience that really had its ups and downs, Cactus Canyon eighth grade language arts teacher Tammy Howard has given her students a stockbroker project.
     Students researched potential profitable companies. They will use decision-making skills, internet, newspapers, bulletin board service, and money magazines to complete their stock reports.
     Ms. Howard said the project taught students how to use new computer programs and practice research skills.
     “(I want students) to use the imaginary buying and tracking of stock to familiarize them with the functions of a spreadsheet,” Howard said. “I wanted them to also research and learn about the company the selected as their primary so they would gain more from their buying decision.“
     Students will learn about their companies’ ticker symbol, founder, history, current president/CEO and background, and when the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange. They will be able to track and explain their best and worst buying decisions between their two companies.
     This project also allowed students to incorporate mathematical operations in language arts by using imaginary buying and tracking of stock to familiarize students with the functions of a spreadsheet.
     “The part I had the most trouble on was getting all the correct current information on my main company. The most interesting part was learning about Microsoft,” said Nicholas Moorhead.
     Mrs. Howard has been having students do this project for 10 years, the main changes are the stocks that students decide to purchase and the companies that are available on the New York Stock Exchange.
     Ms. Howard plans to do this project again next year she has hopes that the students will continue to enjoy the project and learn the core standards it provides.

  1. fraumeyers says:

    James, I’m very impressed with your strong writing skills. After reading your article about a class project in language arts, I wished that our school newspaper would cover projects in our German class. Thanks for giving me a great idea – I can have German students write articles about what’s happening in our school so that our partner school in Germany can get a better idea of daily life in a public high school in the USA.

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  3. fraumeyers says:

    I wanted to link you to my blog where I use Cougar News to inspire projects for students at my school. Thanks for the ideas!

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