Review: ‘Deadpool’ is anything but average

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Opinion, Reviews

By Jessica Martinez
Cougar News Blog

     Deadpool may not be your average superhero, and it definitely isn’t just an average movie.
     Deadpool is an action packed, sci-fi, comedy that rocked theatres. The movie is about former Special Forces operative, Wade Wilson, who now works as a mercenary. Until he gets terrible news, when he’s diagnosed with cancer. His life seems to be crashing down, until he is offered an opportunity to participate in a supposedly helpful experiment. The scientist, Ajax, actually disfigures and transforms Wade, into Deadpool. After the rogue experiment, Deadpool is left with a twisted sense of humor and extreme healing abilities. He goes on a hunt for Ajax, seeking his his revenge. Teaming up with Colossus and Teenage Negasonic Warhead, they attempt to track down Ajax and save Vanessa, Wilson’s girlfriend.
     Ryan Reynolds does a superb job of portraying Deadpool, in his full, twisted glory. Morena Baccarin plays Vanessa, amazingly, and Brianna Hildebrand does a good job of bringing Teenage Negasonic Warhead to life. Ajax is played by Ed Skrein, who makes you love to hate his character.
     The movie is completely worth watching, and the acting was wonderful on all parts. The storyline was very well explained and got the audience to feel for the characters and relate. There were few to no plot holes. The jokes were hilarious, much of the humor was rather adult, however. This movie had excellent special effects that were very realistic and believable.
     This is a movie to be enjoyed by teenagers and adults, but more so by comic book fans, or fans of superhero movies. Overall, the movie was amazing, and I would recommend it to most people. Deadpool is completely worthy of a four-out-of-five-star rating.


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