Yearbook class gets new cameras

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Academics, Electives, Fundraisers, Yearbook
Yearbook students use new cameras to take photos during a spirit assembly. (Photo by Mr. Davis)

Yearbook students use new cameras to take photos during a spirit assembly. (Photo by Mr. Davis)

By Lexi Demery
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High’s yearbook team received two much-needed new cameras in January.
     Yearbook adviser Jason Davis used the crowdfunding website to get the cameras. The team received about $2,200 total, and about 2,000 of it came from Kia Motors.
     “I wrote all of the reasons we needed the equipment and how in the future we would benefit,” said Davis.
     The cameras, Canon T5I DSLR, improve the pictures and help with elements such as action and depth of field. Receiving the new cameras will help students who don’t have good quality cameras. This will help the yearbook team get better quality photos for the book.
     “Now we will have better quality photos, it will give a chance to those who don’t have their own cameras to use a nicer quality brand of camera,” said eighth grader Lauren Powell.
     Davis decided to go through crowdfunding website Donors Choose and wrote all the reasons why they needed the equipment and in the future would benefit.
     “After we got funded, the site ordered the equipment and sent it to school,” said Davis.
     The yearbook team was excited when they heard that they were receiving the new cameras and were happy that their hard work had pulled off.
     “When Mr.Davis told us that we were getting new cameras for yearbook I got really excited,” said Megan Wagner.
     The new cameras will give the kids that don’t have cameras a chance to get some better quality photos.
     “I hope that students get to boost their self of steam. If your camera isn’t very good, it’s easy going on an assignment thinking the end result will be unsuccessful,” Mr. Davis said. “But if you know you have great equipment and a chance to be capture great images, I think you’re more likely to have confidence to take some risks and get the shots that are really hard to get.”
     The team needed the cameras because they couldn’t afford to buy new equipment on their own.
     “Our program has been losing money for several years and could barely afford to pay
to print the yearbooks, they needed the equipment for years now,” Davis said. “I’m really thankful to Kia and all the other donors.”


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