Review: ‘Dawn of Justice’ an intense superhero film

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Opinion, Reviews

By Gracie Lentz
Cougar News Blog

     This movie was most definitely as great as it was advertised.
     Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was an amazing comic-book action movie. Superman, as played by Henry Cavill, was by far the best actor in the movie. Ben Affleck, the man who played the role as Batman, was a good actor, he just wasn’t as in character as Cavill was. Jesse Eisenberg, who played Lex Luther was my least favorite actor in the movie. Don’t get me wrong, he was in character, I just think he was too in character, and overplayed the role. Amy Adams, who played Lois Lane, and Holly Finch, who had played Senator Finch, were both great actors in the movie and stayed in character throughout.
     The movie begins after the Kryptonian attack on Metropolis, where destruction was everywhere to be seen. The movie ends up taking place in the near future, with many protesters protesting against an incident with a shootout. This movie was a little confusing to figure out in the beginning. Although, once you do figure it out, it’s pretty easy to follow with the film.
     This movie has amazing special effects. It all seems so real, and if you’re looking for more of a rush, watch it in 3D. At no point did I get bored of the movie. There was always something intense going on. So, no falling asleep halfway through the movie because nothing important is happening.
     I would definitely recommend this movie to people ranging from children, to young adults. The movie has some adult humor, but it is also action packed, which may leave your children jumping out of their seats for more. If you know someone who likes superhero movies, they would most definitely enjoy this film.
     The movie quality was beyond what I expected. Overall, this is an amazing movie. I would rate Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 4 out of 5 stars, and I would certainly recommend this film to anyone who was interested in seeing it.


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