Girls soccer team opens season, seeks individual, team improvement

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Athletics, Girls soccer
Jaden kicks a ball during practice. (Photo by Robin Marshall)

Jaden kicks a ball during practice. (Photo by Robin Marshall)

By Jessica Martinez
Cougar News Blog

     Girls Soccer season is coming to CCJH this quarter. The team will be working on their individual skill, as well as teamwork. Mostly, they will work on continuous personal improvement and then their overall team efforts. Everyone’s main goal will be working together and putting all their effort into winning another Desert Middle Schools Athletic League title.
     Coach Norman Hoefer wants the girls to take away many life skills away from their experience. The girls will become stronger as people and learn endurance from playing and working hard.
     “I expect the girls to learn some life skills like cooperation, responsibility, and teamwork,” said Coach Hoefer.
     It is expected that the eighth grade returning girls like Memarie Gallegos, Kaira Landa, and Lauren Powell will take the lead this season. The coach takes great pride in the students and their ability to learn about the sport and work well together. He is expecting them to work on their strengths and help the newcomers.
     “One area that will be a strength is our depth. We have many girls returning from last season and a group of incoming seventh graders that will fit into our system quickly. Our overall team speed will be quicker this year so I think we will be able to pressure the ball more,” said Coach Hoefer.
     The sport affects these girls as people and has impacted their lives. They have all learned a lot from their experiences, and improved themselves as players and people.
     “Soccer, to me, means teamwork and family,” said eighth grader Memarie Gallegos. “Every time you talk, run, block, pass, overlap anything you do contributes to the teamwork and family work of soccer,” explained Memarie Gallegos.
     The team will work hard to achieve their goals, improve themselves, and become a hardworking, good team. Once the team learns how to work well together, they will improve their personal ball skills. Coach Hoefer expects for them to win championships again and become four-time reigning champions.
     “No matter what the outcome of our season, I am proud of the way the girls always try their best and work well together,” said Coach Hoefer.
     The Cougars are 2-1 and play Thursday at Hohokam.

  1. angelina sinclair says:

    are their still spots on the soccer team to join in ?

    • Hi, Angelina. We’re sorry, but tryouts have already been held and the team is set for this season. If you are interested in helping out, perhaps you could ask Coach Hoefer about a manager position? Thanks for reading!

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