Students prep for AzMERIT

Posted: April 10, 2016 in Academics, AzMERIT, Testing

By Jenevieve Saidi
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High is preparing for their AzMERIT and benchmark tests. The tests are supposed to measure how much students have learned and what information they have retained all year.
     The tests help students because they make sure kids don’t get placed in classes that are too difficult or too easy. They also determine whether a student should be in honors classes or classes that provide extra support.
     “We compare the May benchmark tests to the pretests we took in August to measure how much you’ve grown all year,” said Mrs. Davis.
     AzMERIT will be April 11-14 and the benchmarks will be the week of May 2. Students are given a whole school day to complete each AzMERIT test and as much time as they need to finish the benchmarks. However, they usually finish in the amount of time they are given. Students have demonstrated their Cougar Pride other assessments this year and are expected to do well on the end-of-the-year tests.
     “Our scores on formative assessments have been better than last year” said Mrs. Davis. “Students are showing that they can really rock this last benchmark and AzMERIT.”
     The purpose of the tests is to show how much is learned, how teachers have done, and what information students have retained. The test scores from this year show improvement from last year.
     “We have definitely seen growth. As students become more familiar with the format of our formatives and benchmarks, they are performing better,” Mrs. Davis said.
     Some students will be placed in advanced classes or classes that provide extra support for next year, based on their test scores.
     “It’s hard to take a whole year’s worth of knowledge and remember it in just a couple of hours,” said eighth grader Alexandra Alvarez.


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