CCJH, AJHS chess players meet for tournament

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Chess Club, Organizations
Photo by Stella deVargas

Photo by Stella deVargas

By Jersiah Wrobleski
Cougar News Blog

     On March 22 Cactus Canyon Junior High held a chess tournament.
     Seventh and eighth graders in the chess club competed against players from Apache Junction High School. The chess tournament was taking place because coaches Jayson Angell of AJHS and Joseph Gerber of CCJH wanted to teach the students valuable life lessons through chess. It was a friendly event that encouraged students to meet and interact with new players.
     “Most of the students who take part in this match have probably never experienced playing in a chess match before,” Gerber said.
     The chess tournament will help teach kids self discipline. The supplies don’t cost much and it helps the children improve problem solving skills by analyzing their opponent’s moves and positions.
     Gerber said, “Another thing I want to teach them is to use their time wisely. Sometimes a player using a clock for the first time might think that they have to move faster. This would be a grave mistake. Instead, a person should think carefully about their next move before making it.”
     In preparation for the tournament, Gerber said the CCJH players had less time than their their opponents.
     Gerber said, “The biggest roadblock I have with preparing my players is the lack of time. The high school team meets each week after school for at least one hour if not more. I can only meet with my players for about 25 minutes once a week.”


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