New enrichment class focuses on drawing

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Academics, Art, Enrichment

By Savannah Barr
Cougar News Blog

     A new art class is drawing in new students from around the Cactus Canyon campus for the fourth quarter of the school year.
     Ms. Reesor, an art teacher, has begun a new fifth hour Study Skills class for seventh graders that are looking to expand their drawing skills.
     “They will be learning basic drawing skills like how to shade with a pencil and creating the value scale,” says Ms. Reesor.
     They’ll then move on to a still life, which is a set up of random objects for them to draw. Students in the class will also learn how to draw with a grid system.
     Ms. Reesor’s regular art classes cover a variety of topics in art, but she wanted to offer an enrichment class that goes in-depth on one skill.
     “Our art classes go over everything from drawing, painting, ceramics, and mixed media, but I thought (I should) start an enrichment class only focusing on drawing,” Ms. Reesor said.
     The goal in this art class is for students to have skills that they can put to use in the future. Once they master realistic shading for shapes, they’ll move on to drawing from life, meaning they’ll draw real-life, real-scale objects. Students might use these skills either when they’re casually drawing in class, or will take it to a whole new level, creating art for a living.
     “I look forward to becoming a better artist and being able to draw a face completely,” says Alondra Urias.


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