Science students hold chemistry cook-off

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Science

By Natalie Delintt
Cougar News Blog

     Advanced science students cooked up a new way to learn chemistry.
     Regan Roach’s advanced science class held a chemistry cook-off as one of the events at Cactus Canyon’s WREC night so the students could show their understanding of chemistry in a real-life experience.The Wednesday Reading Eating and Chemistry event on Feb. 4 also featured book-themed games, the book fair, and a photo booth.
     The contest was a part of a bigger project in Regan Roach’s advanced class that started in November. Over about four months, students learned about physical and chemical properties and changes.
     Students chose a recipe, having been assigned appetizer, entree, or dessert, and researched how chemistry came into play while cooking their recipe. They researched the solubility, melting point/boiling point, density, pH, states of matter, and identified the ingredients.
     “We had to gather all of the information about our ingredients, then we had to make a presentation for people to look at that was creative,” said Robynn Vandekrol.
     Students had to cook 100 samples of the food they chose and had to write a speech that showed what they learned. They also had to make a creative display instead of making a boring tri-fold. The presentation needed to be as hands-on as possible, so students used note cards that people had to take and read aloud. Students also had guests put together their own food if they made food like tacos and self-serve pizza. They set up shop in the CCJH courtyard so there would be enough room for everyone.
     “The food was amazing and our teachers worked really hard to make sure that everything went as planned and everyone was happy,” said Robin Marshall.


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