Students learn how to sew in enrichment class

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Academics, Enrichment, Project-based Learning

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By Abraham Viscardi
Cougar News Blog

     Social studies teacher Sheryl Anderson is a quilter and fabric-worker in her free time and has now started a new study skills class on sewing.
     The enrichment class will last for 50 minutes per day, and will be held at the 500 building during study skill which is fifth hour. Students will be making rag quilts, which are made from materials such as denim, flannel, and fleece.
     “They will be small ones that kids can use when watching TV, playing video games, or reading their favorite book,” said Ms. Anderson.
     In this class, the students will be learning how to thread a sewing machine, fill a bobbin, and properly install it in the machine. They will also sew a straight line, measure and cut fabric accurately, and use the simple tools of fabric construction.
     “If you don’t cut off one of your fingers with the razor sharp rotary cutters, and if you don’t stab anyone (including yourself) with the sharp pins and needles, and if you manage to put together something that resembles a warm, fuzzy blanket, you pass with flying colors,” said Ms. Anderson.
     In addition to sewing, students will be learning typing during the class.
     By learning to sew at a young age, students will be able to stitch up clothes when they get ripped or lose buttons.
     “I want to know how to do life skills like this,” said Willoughby Cobb.


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