Science students create Rube Goldberg projects

Posted: May 9, 2016 in Academics, Project-based Learning, Science
Students work on their Rube-Goldberg projects. (Photo by Tiffani Morris)

Students work on their Rube-Goldberg projects. (Photo by Tiffani Morris)

By Chris Munro
Cougar News Blog

     Students in the eighth grade at Cactus Canyon Junior High are learning about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion in an unusual way.
     Science students at CCJH are learning Newton’s Laws of Physics using the Rube Goldberg Method of creating a large machine to do a small task, as brought up by science teachers Candice Wyatt and Regan Roach.
     “Science is amazing when you can have fun with it,” said Mrs. Wyatt.
     The students in the science classes started their physics unit in the third quarter, and this project is meant to enhance what they learned by giving them hands-on activity as well as having them use simple machines in their project, hence the Rube Goldberg-Physics team .
     “I do prefer the Rube Goldberg Project over text book learning as (it) is hands on unlike the textbooks,” said Gabriel Gentry.
     The project, is meant to enhance students’ understanding of Newton’s Three Laws, specifically on motion. The main goal is to teach the kids how things move and what can change movement. The project’s due date is set for May 9 to allow for competition between the class teams.
     “I wanted students to end their eighth grade year with a fun science project that they enjoyed building, testing and competing with,” said Mrs. Wyatt.
     Mrs. Wyatt estimates there are around 60 teams between her five classes, at around twelve teams per class on her end, with a few less teams in Mrs. Roach’s classes. As the due date is May 9th. Gabriel Gentry and Alex Troutz are working on their project with the theme of Lego and the goal of lifting up a curtain to reveal a Lego sign.
     “This is a fun and interactive way to demonstrate understanding of Newton’s Laws of motion and forces,” said Mrs. Roach.


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