Cactus Canyon custodians don’t live up to their stereotypes

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Staff

By Natalie Delintt
Cougar News Blog

     Students at Cactus Canyon Junior High don’t usually know much about their teachers, but they know even less about custodians.
     Most CCJH custodians have kids of their own, some even going to Cactus Canyon or have gone to the junior high in the past.
     “I have two granddaughters that I raised in school here, so this is home to me,” said custodian Dianna Storms.
     Another thing students aren’t aware of is that custodians don’t live up to their stereotypes. They do more than just pick up after a whole bunch of messy teenagers. They have to make sure students are in a sanitary environment at all times, which is something kids take for granted. They have to get rid of graffiti and other vandalism made by students.
     There are also night custodians, like Storms, that prepare the school for the next day. They usually have to work in silence and it can get a little lonely.
     “My day starts with a team meeting at 2 p.m. to discuss any special needs or activities at school, then I load my cart and head off to my first building to begin my routine,” stated Storms. “Not being around the students at night is kind of lonely and quiet but it’s the only way to prepare (the) school for the next day.”
     Custodians do have a fun time, though.
     “I always look for chances in my day to brighten someone else’s,” said Storms. “I feel like we all have the ability to pay it forward or make someone’s day,” said Storms.
     Students sometimes don’t understand that the CCJH staff, including custodians, care as much as they do. They do their job to help students have the best educational environment possible.
     “By doing little things for each other here at Cactus Canyon like giving one another a sincere smile, a kind word, or even a rose when no one is looking is the little kindness we could all use in our lives to remind us of why we are here.”
     All staff at CCJH want students to follow their dreams and do what they want in life because it will always matter to someone.
     “I (and all other Cactus Canyon staff) want the kids to know that in no matter what your
chosen profession is, take pride in your work and always do your very best because it counts to someone,” said Storms.

  1. Mrs. Aehlert says:

    Our custodians are the best custodians ever!!

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