Three yearbook photogs receive highest award in JEA national contest

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Electives, Student Accomplishments, Yearbook

     Staff members from the Cougar Chronicles recently earned recognition in the Journalism Education Association’s Junior High and Middle School National Media Contest. Three students – Lauren Powell, SeAnna Brennan, and Justin LaPrise – earned Superior ratings for their photos and received medals for their efforts, as only 10 percent of entries receive Superior ratings.
     Brennan and Megan Wagner earned two Excellent ratings, while Skylar Sosa and Brooke Wine each earned one.
     Wine and Robin Marshall each earned two Honorable Mentions, while Powell, Tiffani Morris, Mariana Rios, and Madonna Parker each earned one. The entire staff received an HR for theme development throughout the book.
     In all, 17 of the photos submitted by Chronicles staffers were recognized. Mr. Jason Davis is the staff adviser.

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