Two basketball camps offered to help players improve

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Athletics, Boys Basketball, Girls basketball

By Andrea Darnell
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High’s basketball camp is back. The school is having another basketball camp. There are going to be two different camps, one for girls only and one for girls and guys.
     The girls only camp is for a week, and the boys and girls camp is for two weeks. The girls camp will be run by Coach Kim Grant and co-ed camp will be ran by Coach Scott Stansberry.
     The camps give students an opportunity to practice dribbling, boxing out, blocking, jump-stops, layups, crossover, and layups into a crossover. Both camps play practice games and the girls camp has competitions on the last day of their camp.
     “If people are willing to work hard and have fun, then they would like playing for me,” said Coach Grant. “If they’re not willing to work hard, than they would not like it. I’m all about having fun but you have to work hard.”
     The girls camp will cost $5 and the co-ed camp will cost $50. Coach Grant’s camp will be Aug. 22-26, while Coach Stansberry’s will be Aug. 29-Sept. 8.
     Both coaches believe the camp is beneficial for students who want to improve at basketball and not just those who were on one of the basketball teams last year.
     “I do the same camp every year, it’s like basic basketball, and then I bring kids from the high school team over to help out with the camp,” said Coach Stansberry.
     “I think that any girl that’s not playing softball and wants to play basketball, I’d highly encourage to because it would give them a good idea on what they need to work on and what I am like as a coach,” said Coach Grant.


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