’50s dance to feature food truck, later start time

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Dances, Student Council
Eighth grade StuCo representative Ruby Verduzco sells a ticket to the dance. (Photo by Chloe Krueger)

Eighth grade StuCo representative Ruby Verduzco sells a ticket to the dance. (Photo by Chloe Krueger)

By Mya Palomino and Anyssa Pena
Cougar News Blog

     Student Council mustache you a question. Have you ever been to a school dance that is not only an hour later than usual, but also has a food truck? Cactus Canyon Student Council will be hosting a welcome back dance that features both of those changes.
     The dance is ‘50s theme and there will be plenty of neat decorations. The food truck will be selling mustache-shaped pretzels and a variety of drinks along with your choices of dip. It will be held in the gym at 6:15 to 8:00 on Thursday September 1, 2016.
     “We did not have to pay for the food truck. The folks from Mustache Pretzels were very kind to not charge us a booking fee,” said Jason Davis, the Student Council adviser. “They will keep all the money from their sales, but we hope extra ticket sales make up for any revenue we might lose from concession sales.”
     The time was changed to be one hour later, giving students a more flexible schedule, especially for the parents. Last year’s dances were 5:15-7 p.m. In consideration of the time extension, the council hopes there will be more students involved in the dance.
     “The time change gives us more time to hangout and dance with our friends,” said eighth grader Jesse Redondo. “This also allows new and old students to interact with each other.”
     The welcome back dance might be hardest dance to put together because there are only 14 StuCo members to make all the decorations and preparations. Seventh graders join the group when the second quarter begins in October.
     “It’s really hard to cram everything into three weeks, because if you have extra school work to do and sports activities after school, plus your Stuco responsibilities it’s really difficult to manage your time wisely,” said representative Oceana Faulkner.


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