Yearbook students take charge of Instagram page

Posted: September 29, 2016 in Electives, Project-based Learning, Technology, Yearbook

This photo of eighth grader Tatum Schuh was posted to the Cactus Canyon Instagram page on Monday, Sept. 26. (Photo by Megan Ash)

This photo of eighth grader Tatum Schuh was posted to the Cactus Canyon Instagram page on Monday, Sept. 26. (Photo by Megan Ash)

By Megan Ash
Cougar News Blog

     It’s the gram you can instantly see yearbook photos on. The yearbook staff is now moving forward and posting on Instagram, they are posting a picture every day. The pages is entirely student run and photographers will be posting pictures from sporting events to academics and everything in between.
     On Instagram the pictures are of Cactus Canyon, which is at cougar_media. Cougar Media has 171 followers and students have posted 21 days continuous days.
     The account was started to give students to show their work on a regular basis.
     “We spend a year working on a product that comes out one time, but these students are tremendous photographers and their work deserves to be seen,” said yearbook adviser Jason Davis. “Not just once in May, but all year long.”
     Yearbook students are planning to start advertising the account. The staff is going to start making posters and handing out flyers asking people to follow them.
     “It would be cool for students to see what the yerds (yearbook nerds) do during the year that leads up to the fantastic yearbook at the end of the school year,” said eighth grader Chloe Krueger.
     Mr. Davis hopes being in charge of the page will help all the staff members learn leadership by setting an example for the seventh graders, and by not forgetting that it is their day to post.
     “Students need to be able to be in control of something because it helps them take ownership of what we’re doing in yearbook,” Davis said. “I direct a lot of what we do for the book, but I want it to be as student-driven as possible. If students feel like they can be in charge of the Instagram page, hopefully it gives them the confidence to take more of a leadership role for the book.”

  1. Alissa B. says:

    Great job Meagan! I am so proud of you! 🙂

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