StuCo sponsors contest to name new street

Posted: October 2, 2016 in Student Council

By Savannah Barr
Cougar News Blog

     Students will soon see what’s in a name for the newly paved driveway in front of the school.
     Student Council recently sent out a survey that allowed students to come up with a name for the now-smooth road. However, they were asked to think beyond the Cactus Canyon and Cougars. Students were encouraged to create a name that represents the positive traits of the school. The more creative, the better.
     “It’s a contest and we’re looking for unique suggestions that really show what CCJH is all about,” said Jason Davis, the Student Council advisor. “We want students to think beyond ‘Cougar Street’ and other obvious names. Since community members are going to drive by it everyday, we want them to see what we value and demonstrate each day.”
     Up until late summer, the driveway of the school was rough, scattered with potholes, and nearly undrivable in general. The city of Apache Junction and AJUSD worked together to get the road repaired, and the excitement of having a smooth surface inspired the council to name the road. Although, rather than the council just deciding on something simple, they will let the whole student body have a say. StuCo members will look at the entries and choose the three best choices before sending the ballot to all students.
     “We could’ve easily just voted as a council and decided on something simple, but we think we can get a really great name by opening it up to the whole student body,” said Davis.
     Cactus Canyon won’t be the only school with its own street name. Apache Junction High School had two signs installed over summer break. The road west of the Davis Field is simply named “Davis Drive,” and the west-facing parking lot of the school has a sign that says “Prospector Way.”
     Principal Courtney Castelhano hopes students will be proud of whatever the new name is.
     “I believe students will gain ownership and pride with being involved in naming the street in front of the school,” said Castelhano.


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