Students learn how to code in new elective

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Academics, Coding, Electives, Project-based Learning, Technology
Ms. Wilbur-Bowers demonstrates during a lesson in CCJH's new computer coding elective. (Photo by Hannah Molino)

Ms. Wilbur-Bowers demonstrates during a lesson in CCJH’s new computer coding elective. (Photo by Hannah Molino)

By Skyler Wolfe
Cougar News Blog

     Someday there may be a game created by a Cactus Canyon student on the App Store.
     A new coding class is now taught by Marie Wilbur-Bowers and is offered to both seventh and eighth graders as a seventh hour elective.
     Students are learning how to code on the website The students are also learning about the development of games and mobile applications. Students spend the hour working independently and work as they go.
     Students use programs such as Javascript and move onto more challenging courses. The program used has different levels and difficulties to keep challenging students so they get better and understand more about coding. Students are expected to understand coding and how it works by the end of the semester.
     “I expect students to understand that there is a lot more that goes into programming a game or app,” said Mrs. Wilbur-Bowers. “Students will hopefully walk away with an intense interest to keep learning to code.”
     A key point of why teaching coding is so important is because these students live in a world revolving around technology and need to further understand it. Students have been learning how to program a character to move through a maze. They code in ICC which stands for the International Code Council. Programming also teaches students how to code something from start to finish.
     “In ICC we do coding, which is make a code and see if it will work to let the character or anything else reach the finish,” eighth grader Nycholas Robb. “Coding class helps me learn how to control a character and guide its way to the finish by programming the right parts.”


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