Yearbook deal lasts for two weeks only

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Fundraisers, Yearbook
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By Megan Ash
Cougar News Blog

      Something new that the Yearbook staff is doing is lowering the price. Now through the 17th of November, students can order their yearbook for $29, which is $1 off the current price and a $6 savings off the regular price.
      Also with that low price students can get an invite to the root beer-float party that they will be throwing. At that party students can meet with Carlos the Cougar.
      “We are offering a price that’s less than what we pay Lifetouch to have them printed. The books will only be $29 during this two-week period and will be $30 until Christmas break,” said yearbook adviser Jason Davis. “After the new year, they go up to $35. And those who buy before January gets to come to the end-of-the-year signing party.”
      It is important for the group to sell as many books as they can because they order 310 books and need to pay for them before the end of the school year. When students pay the price of $30 they are not getting charged the original price of the book. One book from lifetouch costs about $32.
      “We offer promotions because we need to sell books. The reason we make it is so people will buy it and enjoy it. It’s not the most fun part of being in yearbook, but it is necessary,” said Davis.
      To get the word out, the staff is trying many different things. It is on the morning announcements. Also during the seventh and eighth grade lunch Carlos the Cougar is walking around and pass out flyers.
      “I tell all my friends to buy a book so they can go have fun with me. We need to pay Lifetouch lots of money,” said seventh grader Isabella Vasquez.


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