Book club encourages love of reading

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Book Club, Organizations

By Chloe Mayes
Cougar News Blog

     The book club, Raging Readers, is doing fun and new things. Raging Readers is a club where students read and talk about books with other students. The book club meets every other Tuesday and started on the 13th of September.
     One goal of the club is to have an impact on student reading. Adviser John Leal wants his students to take away a love for reading and sharing what they have read.
     “I expect my students to take away a passion for reading or sharing their experiences from reading,” said Leal.
     This is Leal’s second year of sponsoring the club, which he wanted to do because of his love for reading and sharing. He wants students to be able to read and enjoy reading as much as he does.
     Leal said, “I love to read and to share titles in hopes that maybe that person would experience what I did while reading.”
     The book club plans to to have different choices of books than what they did last year. They are also going places like the Renaissance Festival and will help put on the literacy fair in early 2017.
     In a normal book club meeting, students have a discussion about a book they are reading.
     “We talk about characters, plot, and themes about the novel and share how we felt when something happened, or while it was happening,” Leal said.

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