Yearbook staff awarded second place in national contest

Posted: March 23, 2017 in Student Accomplishments, Yearbook

By Sigfrido Ibarra
Cougar News Blog

      Cactus Canyon’s Yearbook – the Cougar Chronicles – was awarded second place in the 2016 Lifetouch National Yearbook Showcase.
      Yearbook adviser Jason Davis was surprised to hear in January that his class had improved from their honorable mention in the 2015 competition.
      “I was surprised. Literally, surprised,” Mr. Davis said. “My Lifetouch representative, Julie Bales, came to school and told us we’d earned second place. Other than that, I was thrilled for my students.”
      Eighth-grade editor Brooke Wine, who worked on the winning book, said she felt awesome and accomplished just by helping her class win that award.
      “I felt excited because we were working on it for a long time and it took a lot of work,” Wine said.
      Students learned from the experience of creating an award-winning book. For example, Madonna Parker said she learned that hard work pays off.
      “I learned how to communicate with my friends with technology and make a book that everybody can look back on 20 years later,” Parker said.
      As the staff continues toward completion of this year’s book, Mr. Davis hopes that this award inspires the yearbook to make the 2016-17 book even better.
      “I hope this year’s group sees this second-place award and strives to do better,” he said. “It always has; every book we’ve made has been our best one yet.”
     This year’s edition of the Cougar Chronicles is available for pre-order at Use school code 9910317.

  1. Kristen says:

    WHOOOO GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!

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