StuCo members teaching leadership through personal stories

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Academics, Leadership, Student Council

Student Council members are teaching leadership lessons this quarter by delivering presentations that connect to the audience with personal stories.

By Sarah Hebert
Cougar News Blog

     Student Council members are designing a presentation to show other members how to improve leadership skills.
     In a keynote address, presenters are going to tell some of their life stories to help classmates and future Cougars understand how to grow as a leader.
     “What I’d like students do with this project is talk about their own success and failure and how it’s helped them become a better leader,” adviser Jason Davis said.
     One of the goals of the project is to get students to think about what is most important to them when it comes to leadership.
     “There are dozens of qualities that make up good leaders – respect, enthusiasm, responsibility, etc. – and I wanted to give students a chance to teach someone a lesson related to their own lives,” Davis said.
     The impact that this will have on other students is to make more successful people when they grow up. Davis is trying to let students inspire as many people as possible. Seventh grade representative Kashmir Baillie said that students have a lot to teach each other.
     “I know we’re at a young age and we still have a lot to learn, but these leadership presentations teach us a lot more than a few mistakes,” she said.
     The end result will be about 15 minutes. The keynote presentations will occur throughout the fourth quarter. The idea for this project came from the keynote speakers at the three leadership conferences council member attend each year. Those speakers teach lessons and offer motivation in a fun way, not a lecture.
     “They make a connection with the audience by telling stories from their lives – both successes and failures. It makes them human and makes the audience want to listen,” Davis said.


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