Poster helps spread positivity

Posted: April 10, 2017 in Staff, Student Health, Student Issues

Math teacher Tina Jada created a poster with positive messages to help brighten students’ day.

By Mercy Brink
Cougar News Blog

     Many students have seen and wondered about the poster in the 300 building. The poster says “Take What You Need” and was meant to inspire and spread positivity.
     Tina Jada hung the poster up on Feb. 13 to help encourage the students. The poster has multiple sticky notes with inspirational sayings written on them like “Inhale Confidence” and “Broken Crayons Can Still Color.” Some of them have little quotes as well. This helps to encourage students to get through the long school days.
     Mrs. Jada hopes the poster will help to brighten up the days of the students and staff.
     “I was really tired of seeing so much negativity around so I decided to try and create something positive,” Mrs. Jada said.
     Students who have taken sticky notes have said that it has cheered up their days.
     “Usually when I take a sticky note, it’s because I’m in a bad mood,” said eighth grader, SeAnna Brennan. “After I take the sticky notes, I always feel better because it feels like someone actually cares, or I look at it and I feel better.”
     Mrs. Jada saw the idea of the poster and variations of it on Pinterest. She was also inspired by the thankful tree that Lisa Smith put up in the building earlier this year, and said that she liked seeing what people were thankful for.
     She says that once all of the sticky notes are gone, she might put up more or she might even let students make their own.


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