About Cactus Canyon Jr. High

Cactus Canyon Junior High is a fairly big school with about 800 students. We have many electives, clubs, and sports that students can join throughout the school year. Our school has 1:1 ratio, which means we have one laptop for each student at our school. Our school works hard to meet Common Core standards.
This year we have unique electives for junior high such as journalism, foreign language, weight training, student council and yearbook. We have sports that provide transportation to away games against other schools. Our sports include volleyball, football, softball, baseball, basketball and cheerleading. We have special clubs that many schools don’t have like the technology club, book club and National Junior Honor Society.
Our school is in Apache Junction, Arizona, which has very hot weather at most times. It’s a small town near Phoenix that has about 30,000 people. Many say that we have the perfect weather for outside sports. We have a great view of the Superstition Mountains. Many people in AJ like to swim, hike, and do anything that gets them out of the house.
  1. Maranda says:

    Mr. Davis, I need to talk to you. Can you please contact me at brousseau_maranda@yahoo.com

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    • Joann Fordyce says:

      Der Natalie,
      I am Jace’s third grade teacher in Oregon. You wrote such a fantastic comment for him on his student blog. I thank you for your encouragement and desire to impact students around the world. He will be excited to read your comments.

      I also loved your blog and will put it on our blogroll of blogs we follow.
      Mrs. Fordyce

      • Natalie says:

        Hi Mrs. Fordyce!
        Thank you for the comment! It is very sweet.
        Thank you! I didn’t think that I would get a reply to my comment. I love helping the little ones when I can. He is a great writer and I want him to keep on writing. It is one of my favorite things to do and I encourage anyone I can to pick up on it or keep doing it. Tell him I say hi from Arizona!

  3. Amber Bergen says:

    Hello writer, your school has a lot of people compared to mine, my school is really small. The JR. Highs at your school have a lot of electives and clubs, I don’t think we have any clubs at my school. We use iPads instead of laptops for our school work.
    Sincerely Amber

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