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By Jackie Burgan
Cougar News Blog

Last year Cactus Canyon introduced Internet Cafe for seventh and eighth graders to do
work after school from 2:20 to 3:30 p.m. It’s for students that do not have Internet at home, if they need to work on the computer in the library. It’s also for students that just need to get work done.
“Internet Cafe has served a need by giving students with no Internet access at home a place to study,” Joyce Gingrich, vice principal, said. “I believe it allows students to be more successful by providing them with a place to study and stay caught up on assignments.”
Eighth grader Janelle Digos thinks it is a good opportunity for students to get their work done.
“Nothing needs to change about it, I think its a good thing for people to get their work done,” Digos said.
Even students that don’t need to use the Internet are welcome to come and read a book or do written work while they wait for their parents to get them.
Eighth grade math teacher Jeremy Seaman said, “As long as Internet Cafe is a place where students can work on class work, read a book, or do something academically productive then it is doing exactly what is should.”
Internet Cafe is available Monday through Thursdays.
I feel it has helped those students who have utilized it during the last two years by giving them the extra time they need to work on assignments,” said Gingrich.