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By Allison Snowball
Cougar News Blog

As the school year is coming to an end, the administration wanted to motivate students to turn in registration and elective forms on time. Whichever science class has every single student’s registration packet and electives choices turned in first wins a root beer float party.
The science teachers at Cactus Canyon are in charge of this competition, but are keeping it very secretive. As the papers are being turned in, administration has noticed that some popular electives seem to be weight training and conditioning, art, foreign language, and PE.
“Weight training and advanced art are usually packed and PE is very popular, particularly among the boys,” said assistant principal Chad Cantrell.
Assistant principal Joyce Gingrich has already started to work on making schedules for next year because it takes a lot of time and effort to fit everyone’s core classes and electives together. When someone changes something on their schedule it changes a lot of other things, too. Everyone’s classes have to fit together just right, or lots of schedules will change if one person changes something.
“Mrs. Gingrich is currently working on getting the master schedule ready for next year,” said Mr. Cantrell. “It is a long task and it works a lot like a puzzle. When you change one thing it affects several other areas so she has to be very careful about what she does.”
Not only does turning in a registration pack first help contribute to the possibility of a root beer float party, but it also makes it more likely to get the elective classes of your choice. Students are not absolutely guaranteed to get their number one elective choice, but preferences are kept in mind when the schedules are being made.
“The best way to get the electives you want is to ensure that fill out your electives sheet correctly and to get them in as soon as possible,” said Mr. Cantrell. “Unfortunately we can’t guarantee anyone their choices, but we do try to get the students what they want.”