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By Thayne Jackson
Staff writer

The talented and gifted class at Cactus Canyon was recently able to take a pilot course from Arizona State University.
The program was a training for a supplemental instruction leader. This is a job position where an excelling student helps teach a student whose grades may not be ideal.
TAG teacher Rachel Mangum was able to arrange for her second hour students to participate in the ASU class activity. The students worked on this assignment during their free time at the end of the AIMS week. For participation, students earned a soda of their choice.
“The course was about a program at ASU where students help other students to succeed in their classes,” said Mangum. “I thought it would be a challenge for the TAG students, I feel that it gave them an opportunity they have not had before.”
The course consisted of several sessions, with multiple instructional videos on teaching the student how to be a leader in the Supplemental Instruction program.
“I was frightened at first, thinking it’d be hard,” said seventh grader Michael Preston. “I learned that really it isn’t very hard. Many people can do it if they try.”

By Layla Heninger
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High’s talented and gifted students are working on a project just like the would in any other class. The thing that makes it unique, though, is that the teacher is not picking the content. Each student is choosing what he or she wants to learn and honing their skills in that area.
Rachel Mangum the TAG teacher wanted the students to have the opportunity to work on skills of their choice because it makes the content relevant and improves learning. They practice their skill for about 30 minutes a day and show what they have accomplished to the panel of reviewers.
“I want them to understand how to develop new skills and to have the opportunity to work hard at it,” said Rachel Mangum.
Some of the most interesting skills students are picking include Morse code and taking machines apart and putting them back together. TAG student Julia Valgento chose to work on her writing skills, while Autumn Miller chose to learn sign language.
“I wanted to pick sign language because if I’m in a situation were I need to do sign language I know how to do it,” Miller said.