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Tuesday tutoring to return

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Academics, NJHS, Tutoring

By Anna Gray
Cougar News Blog

This year Cactus Canyon Junior High has decided to continue tutoring students after school. It will be held in the library from 2:30 to 3:30 on Tuesdays. The two teachers that will be in charge of the program this year are reading specialist Lisa Smith and behavior coach Carol Dolle.
During tutoring sessions, students will be provided with help in all subjects. Mrs. Dolle and Mrs. Smith will try their best to help answer all the questions a student may have. If they are unable to, they will be sure to find someone who can. NJHS students will also be volunteering and acting as tutors.
“We did a pretty good job with tutoring last year, but we will monitor to make sure that time is being used wisely,” said Mrs. Dolle.
Last year students had the same opportunity to receive extra help as they do this year. Teachers in charge believe that it ran pretty smoothly last year and students got the help they needed, but this year they will make a few changes to make sure students are being as productive as possible.
“I expect that the students will come to tutoring and get help with classes they are falling behind in, or struggling with,” said Mrs. Dolle.
The tutoring program was set up for students who are falling behind or who just need extra help and Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Dolle hope students will see that and take the opportunity if needed.
It can be difficult to ask for help, but those who are willing to show up will have an excellent resource for one-on-one help.
“I hope that the students will take advantage of this great opportunity to get some extra help on anything that they are struggling with,” said Mrs. Dolle.