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By Andrea Darnell
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High’s basketball camp is back. The school is having another basketball camp. There are going to be two different camps, one for girls only and one for girls and guys.
     The girls only camp is for a week, and the boys and girls camp is for two weeks. The girls camp will be run by Coach Kim Grant and co-ed camp will be ran by Coach Scott Stansberry.
     The camps give students an opportunity to practice dribbling, boxing out, blocking, jump-stops, layups, crossover, and layups into a crossover. Both camps play practice games and the girls camp has competitions on the last day of their camp.
     “If people are willing to work hard and have fun, then they would like playing for me,” said Coach Grant. “If they’re not willing to work hard, than they would not like it. I’m all about having fun but you have to work hard.”
     The girls camp will cost $5 and the co-ed camp will cost $50. Coach Grant’s camp will be Aug. 22-26, while Coach Stansberry’s will be Aug. 29-Sept. 8.
     Both coaches believe the camp is beneficial for students who want to improve at basketball and not just those who were on one of the basketball teams last year.
     “I do the same camp every year, it’s like basic basketball, and then I bring kids from the high school team over to help out with the camp,” said Coach Stansberry.
     “I think that any girl that’s not playing softball and wants to play basketball, I’d highly encourage to because it would give them a good idea on what they need to work on and what I am like as a coach,” said Coach Grant.



By Holly S.
Cougar News Blog

Without freshman student coach, Jacob Briones, things would definitely be more chaotic for the Cougar sports teams.
Briones has supported both boys and girls basketball teams this year by helping to set up for games and practices. He makes sure everything runs smoothly for coaches and athletes at all times.
Briones went to Cactus Canyon for his seventh and eighth grade years. He was the boys basketball team manager last season. Since moving up to high school Briones came back to CCJH to take up the position as student coach for both basketball teams.
Both of the coaches are impressed with Briones’ persistence and dedication to the teams. Boys coach Scott Stansberry said Briones is different than other volunteers his work ethic is different than most.
“He works as if he is getting paid, never misses anything and does everything to the best of his capability,” said Stansberry.
Not only does he help set up but he also helps with students by guiding the players, preparing them for games, but most importantly pushing them to achieve.
The coaches are impressed with his work and can possibly see him having a future at Cactus Canyon.
“I do believe Jacob has a future at CCJH. He is eager to learn and is always asking questions to better himself,” said Stansberry. “With all the things that I have mentioned about him, I would not hesitate to recommend Jacob.”
Briones has had such a great time that he’s also wanting to continue his work at the school.
“I plan to do this for a while,” he said. “Volunteering can get you places, it’s a good thing to put down on applications for work, college, etc. I love working with the coaches and administration and the athletes.”

By Anna Gray
Cougar News Blog

As the year is coming to an end, the boys basketball season is just beginning.
There are high expectations for this year’s team. During the past three seasons the A team’s overall record has been exceptional. The squad has won 29 games and has only lost six. As for the B team, it has won 25 games and only lost four.
While other CCJH teams have been winning Desert Middle School Athletic League titles, however, boys basketball has yet to claim one, settling for three second-place finishes.
With the help of Coach Scott Stansberry, the boys basketball program positively affects the outlook on the school. Coach Stansberry has been the coach for the past three years and hopes this season will be the one they finish on top.
“I expect my players to learn how to play as a team and never give up. They will learn the game of basketball how they’ve never seen it before,” said Coach Stansberry.
This season, the team hopes it will be able to break the cycle and take the championship. In the past, the boys have used defense as a large part of their game. The team has used defense to win close games and hopes it will continue to be a strength.
“If we work as a team and everybody uses the talent that they have, we have a great chance at winning,” said eighth-grader Nick Mohn.
The Cougars have started the year with a 1-2 record and will travel to Maricopa Wells today.
“Our goal is to have no (more) home losses,” said eighth grader Evan Quiroz. “Obviously we want(ed) to go undefeated, but we have to protect our house.”

By Colin Penge
Cougar News Blog

Last year the boys basketball team lost in the the Desert Middle School Athletic League championship game, so this year they plan to redeem themselves by scoring another trophy to add to Cactus Canyon’s collection.
All the boys have been training for their games under Scott Stansberry, the basketball coach. He is trying to train them to win against their rival, Desert Wind, which they lost to in the final game after starting last season 10-0. The players and coaches say that the training is really helping their performance and capability go to the next level.
“I not only plan on making it to the championship but winning the championship this year,” said Stansberry.
The boys at Cactus Canyon have been practicing since before the season started in order to make sure a victory would come this season.
Eighth grader Kyle Gering said, “We practice at the rec center all the time; we want to win this year.”
If the team, which is off to a 3-1 start, wins this year’s championship it will be top off a great year for Cactus Canyon boys teams, which have won DMSAL titles in baseball, soccer and football.
“We have finished runner-up to Desert Wind the past last two years and that is not an option,” Coach Stansberry said. “That’s the team I circle every year on our schedule.”

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By Christal Canejo
Staff writer

This season, the Cougars’ boys basketball team has proved that second place isn’t an option. With only one loss so far in the season, the team is getting closer and closer to a championship.
The Cougars will play Desert Wind today at 4 p.m. in the CCJH for the conference title.
One of the reasons for Cactus Canyon’s strong season is its point guard, Luke Lewis. He helped lead the team to their biggest win – in an early-season against Desert Wind – by taking over scoring and setting up his teammates late in the game.
“Without Luke, who knows what the end result would have been,” said Coach Scott Stansberry.
Lewis said that being a point guard is almost like being a quarterback.
“I have to make sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.”
Another player who has helped to continue the long winning streak is Ricky Chapparo.
As a shooting guard, Chapparo has made a lot of big shots this year and is leading the team in three pointers.
“Ricky has helped us with his toughness,” said Stansberry.
Stansberry says that although Lewis and Chapparo are talented players and have good leadership skills, all of the other players bring a good attitude and unique skills to the team.
In addition to the A team’s championship run, the B squad finished the season undefeated.

By Kyle Sanor
Staff writer

Third quarter has passed and a new season of sports begin at Cactus Canyon. Now, boys basketball begins this week. As basketball begins, players were already chosen and were eligible to play. And now, the games will begin very soon.
Coach Scott Stansberry said the team has many good players and should be able to challenge for the league championship.
“I’m really excited to see how our returning players respond to our second-place finish last year,” said Stansberry. “We have talent on our team this year. We have a lot of good individual players that have not really played organized basketball before, so everyone needs to understand their role so that we can come together as a team.”
While the Cougars will have some work to do on their offense, they have two areas where they will excel.
“Our team’s strengths are our defense and our smarts,” said Stansberry. “We may not be the most athletic or quickest team, but we will be the smartest team.”
Players are excited about the games and to show off their skills.
“It’s exciting because you are playing competitive people,” said eighth grader Jose Robledo. “I will be getting in shape so when I run down the court I will always be the first one there. I do best at making shots.”