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Members of the soccer team stretch before a practice on Oct. 24. Coach Art Helfgot is looking for players who will step up and be leaders this season. (Photo by Megan Ash)

Members of the soccer team stretch before a practice on Oct. 24. Coach Art Helfgot is looking for players who will step up and be leaders this season. (Photo by Megan Ash)

By Kylee Demauro
Cougar News Blog

     Boys Soccer is officially back at Cactus Canyon, and the team has high hopes for the season.
     The pressure hasn’t been bad on the players, except for the goalies Zane Baxter and Jose Nieto. That position is new to both athletes but it is critical for the team.
     “Since I’m goalie, there is pressure on blocking it and making sure the other team doesn’t win,” said Baxter.
     Coach Art Helfgot has been preparing for the season by the practicing skill drills, flow of the game, positioning, and conditioning. The team has been working very hard on finding out more about the game and each other.
     “I feel really good (about the season). I feel like we’re going to become better as a team,” said Efren Carlos Giron.
     The team has many goals, such as getting better every game, playing their best, and becoming better people in general. Coach Helfgot has never coached in Desert Middle School Athletic League before. Therefore, he has no idea what the competition will be like. In the past, boys soccer has won three championships.
     “My only goal is to see that we play better each game, learn the skills necessary, and understand that a team will beat a bunch of players every time,” said Coach Helfgot.
     The team and coach expect many student athletes to step up. They mostly expect eighth graders in general to step up. Such as, Leo Castenanda, who has considerable skills.
     “Who steps up individually to demonstrate leadership skills, I’m looking forward to seeing that,” said Coach Helfgot. “I’m not sure that’s easily expected at this age. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.”
     The team has a lot of core players who show significant experience and skills. There are also players who want to work hard to get better. The athletes will continue working on communications and playing better as a team.
     “(The communication helps the team because) it shows them what to do and how to do it,” said Baxter.


By Jaden Erschen
Cougar News Blog

     Boys soccer is underway for the 2015 season and the team is looking to make it to the championship for the second year in a row. Student athletes have been working hard this season and are ready to go out and bring another trophy to CCJH.
     Despite only having two wins in five games, many coaches and student athletes have been looking forward to being able to improve the second half of the season. Players said they have been putting in extra time to practice and prepare for the final few games.
     “I have been practicing as much as I can on my own time and at lunch,” said eighth grader James Chavez.
     Even with the team starting off not as successful as they hoped, the Cougars have the mentality to be champions. They all hope to compete well enough to enter the postseason and hopefully come out on top in the end. Coach Wayne Pirmann said he wants all players to devote themselves to playing the game. Doing so will really help all student athletes play better, if they have a passion they will pursue it and do whatever it takes to succeed.
     “I would like all players to fall in love with the game and develop a passion for playing it as well as possible,” said Coach Pirmann. “We all want to compete well enough to get into the postseason tournament. Once we get into the tournament, we would like to come in first place.”
     There are many experienced players on the team this year and many new players as well but that doesn’t stop anyone from being enthusiastic or being excited to play. Everyone on the team wants to get better and feel that with every practice they become one step closer to reaching the top.
     “Enthusiasm to play, enthusiasm to get better, some experienced players are our strengths this season,” said Pirmann.
     The 2-1-2 Cougars next play Mountain Vista at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at Davis Field in search of their third win of the 2015 season.
     “We can do anything if we try hard enough,” said Chavez.

(Photo by Kaileah Goucher)

(Photo by Kaileah Goucher)

By Hannah Wolfe
Cougar News Blog

     Student athletes are kicking it into boys soccer season at Cactus Canyon.
     After winning the league title last season, new coach Jeremy Seaman has high hopes for this year’s team and believes if they work together they can be successful again.
     “I have high hopes for this team. We definitely have the talent to be good,” said Seaman. “Now we just need to learn to play together in a system that will give us the best chance to win.”
     Seaman also thinks his team has lots of strengths, and returning players are one of them.
     “We have a lot of strengths,” he said. “I think we have the ability to score a lot of goals this season. I also believe a big strength is going to be the number of returning players we have.”
     Eighth grader Wesley McJunkin believes the biggest strength on the team are the goalies. He thinks that the team will be very good this year also.
     “We look like we will be a successful team this year because we have a lot of returning players who look better than ever,” he said. “We also have some strong new seventh and eighth graders who work well together.”
     Last year, the boys went undefeated on their way to the Desert Middle School Athletic League championships and they are hoping for the same this year.
     The team is off to a good start with wins in their first two games, one over Mountain Vista and one over Maricopa Wells. They will continue to have home and away games on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season.

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By Bailey Beringer
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon athletics got off to a quick start in the second season with boys soccer beginning the first few days after fall break.
Tryouts started on Oct., 17, and the final rosters were posted two days later at lunch. Thirty-two boys tried out and 23 made the squad.
Coach Matt Horton tested the boys with drills such as passing, dribbling and running. Horton was also looking for their effort on the field in addition to their overall individual skills.
“During tryouts I looked for things such as passing, moving of the ball, individual skills, attitude, and overall effort,” he said.
The Cougars practice each day from 2:30-4 p.m. on the field behind the school. Throughout the entire season, there will be six away games and five home games. Cactus Canyon played in the championship game last season and Coach Horton is expecting another winning season.
“I expect big things from each player,” said Horton. “It’s what will make this season a successful one.”
The players are also looking forward to a favorable season.
“I’m ready and I hope we can work the team fundamentally,” said player Luke Brownlee.
The Cougars won their first game Oct. 27 at Mountain Vista Middle School in Queen Creek.
“Our strength is in our attack,” said Horton. “We build up fairly well and are also able to hit shots on frame once we get into the offensive third.”