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Jaden kicks a ball during practice. (Photo by Robin Marshall)

Jaden kicks a ball during practice. (Photo by Robin Marshall)

By Jessica Martinez
Cougar News Blog

     Girls Soccer season is coming to CCJH this quarter. The team will be working on their individual skill, as well as teamwork. Mostly, they will work on continuous personal improvement and then their overall team efforts. Everyone’s main goal will be working together and putting all their effort into winning another Desert Middle Schools Athletic League title.
     Coach Norman Hoefer wants the girls to take away many life skills away from their experience. The girls will become stronger as people and learn endurance from playing and working hard.
     “I expect the girls to learn some life skills like cooperation, responsibility, and teamwork,” said Coach Hoefer.
     It is expected that the eighth grade returning girls like Memarie Gallegos, Kaira Landa, and Lauren Powell will take the lead this season. The coach takes great pride in the students and their ability to learn about the sport and work well together. He is expecting them to work on their strengths and help the newcomers.
     “One area that will be a strength is our depth. We have many girls returning from last season and a group of incoming seventh graders that will fit into our system quickly. Our overall team speed will be quicker this year so I think we will be able to pressure the ball more,” said Coach Hoefer.
     The sport affects these girls as people and has impacted their lives. They have all learned a lot from their experiences, and improved themselves as players and people.
     “Soccer, to me, means teamwork and family,” said eighth grader Memarie Gallegos. “Every time you talk, run, block, pass, overlap anything you do contributes to the teamwork and family work of soccer,” explained Memarie Gallegos.
     The team will work hard to achieve their goals, improve themselves, and become a hardworking, good team. Once the team learns how to work well together, they will improve their personal ball skills. Coach Hoefer expects for them to win championships again and become four-time reigning champions.
     “No matter what the outcome of our season, I am proud of the way the girls always try their best and work well together,” said Coach Hoefer.
     The Cougars are 2-1 and play Thursday at Hohokam.

CCJH soccer players train for the upcoming season. (Photo by Julissa Caballero)

CCJH soccer players train for the upcoming season. (Photo by Julissa Caballero)

By Alaya Walton
Cougar News Blog

     Girls’ hand-dribbling season is out and foot-dribbling is officially in. With basketball season over, CCJH’s lady soccer players are kicking off this year’s season with loads of confidence and determination.
     After having won two consecutive years at the championships, the team is currently working on fundamentals and conditioning as far as basics.
     “We mostly work on our basics and perfect them, and a lot of running,” says eighth grader Madyson Uehling.
     A lot of the soccer players participate in additional practice outside of the school team.
     “I am on a club team, MSC United, and I practice three days a week outside of school practice,” says eighth grader Kaileah Goucher. “I’ve been working on my conditioning and my footwork so I can be the best.”
     Some of the team members’ confidence leads them to think positive thoughts of their team member and themselves.
     “Our forwards, Emily Rutkowski and I, are very strong up top, and our defense won’t let anybody past them,” Goucher shares. “I know our whole team can work hard and dominate.
     There also seems to be a common bond among the girls on the team.
     “We like to talk and get along; I mean, we are girls for goodness sakes,” says Uehling.
     Goucher also describes it as, “Getting along and working as a team no matter what the drama is outside of practice.”
     The coaches also have certain expectations for this and all seasons within girls soccer.
     “My goal each and every season is to teach the players some skills they can use in everyday life,” says head Coach Norm Hoefer.
     “The expectations Coach Hoefer and I have for our players is to be able to work together and really grasp the idea of working together as a unit so we can achieve our team goal,” says assistant Coach Jared Hunt.
     The ladies’ first game is Thursday, April 2, at Mountain Vista, and they have already have a very clear goal for the upcoming season.
     “I’m excited to win championships for the third year in a row,” says Goucher.

By Sage Lewis
Cougar News Blog

Monday, March 4 at Cactus Canyon female students walked through the school gates with heavy athletic bags and hopes of being a part of the 2013 Cougar soccer team.
The annual girls soccer season started in early March after three intense days of tryouts. Of 28 potential athletes, 22 were be chosen to be a part of the squad. To start the season, coach Norman Hoefer has stressed the importance of teamwork and how each player can use her skills to contribute to the team.
“My goal each and every season is to teach the players some skills they can use in everyday life,” said Hoefer. “I want the players to learn to be responsible not only for themselves but responsible as a team. At some point in life they are going to need to be responsible for others.”
Teamwork will be just one of the team’s strengths this year. Several girls on the team play together throughout the year, which Hoefer said will be help the team come together.
“One of our strengths this season will be our speed. This season we have some girls that can get up and down the field in a hurry,” Hoefer said. “Another huge strength will be our team work. Having girls that played together in the offseason will help our team chemistry and the development of our team play.”
After two strong weeks of successful practices the team has opened it season with a record of 3-1 and hopes to continue to see improvement toward the playoffs.
“Some of goals for the season (are) to work as hard as I would for anything else,” said eighth grader Chyenne Getz. “(I want) to prove myself to the team along with everyone else and a lot of hard working willing girls to go out work hard and have fun as a team.”
Sports like soccer help improve and shape the future of Cactus Canyon students. Extracurricular activities teach responsibility and require that students be able to balance school and athletics.
“I learned that it doesn’t hurt to tryout for a sport other than one you are used to,” Getz said. “I surprisingly found that I could put together my softball and volleyball skills to improve my soccer skills which is a huge help. And I believe that it pushes an athlete to work harder in their academic strength as well as sports.”

By Paige Mace
Staff writer

During the Cactus Canyon girls soccer season, Chasity Thurmond had no choice but to become a team leader. She was the only returning player from last year’s team.
Thurmond was vital for the defense on the team and led the team into stretches during practices and before games. While on the field, Thurmond organized the team.
Thurmond was not the only Lady Cougar to have a strong season. Coach Norman Hoefer said the whole team improved over the season and worked very hard.
“I (enjoyed) a great season with the girls,” said Coach Norman Hoefer. “We have not won as many games as we would like but I think we are learning a lot.”
Hoefer said the team was very good at listening this year, and they were very coachable. Thurmond has been a help in this too, as one of the team’s leaders.
“As a team we need to(ed)develop our team play,” said Hoefer. “We needed to start recognizing the flow of the game, understanding where and when passes and shots will be taken. We (were) still reacting to what happens, not predicting the flow.”

By Cassandra Cajowski
Staff writer

The Cactus Canyon girls soccer team will begin its season Tuesday, March 27, with a home game against JO Combs.
The girls have been practicing since before spring break, working on their weaknesses and bringing their strongest points to the top.
“Everyone is really talented, and we all have things that we are good at,” said eighth grader Samantha Tovar.
With several practices before the first game, coach Norm Hoefer and his players are ready to begin the season.
“I am excited because it brings the opportunity to show the skills we have,” he said.
Tovar feels those skills be strongest on the defensive side of the ball.
“We definitely have a great defense,” she said.
Of course, the team will have things it will continue to work on as well.
“We need to develop our first touch, (the) first time we touch the ball each time,” said Hoefer.
Even though the players are nervous for the upcoming game, they still don’t let the intimidation stand in their way, and definitely don’t let that get in the way of their concentration or talents.
The soccer team is getting to know each other and starting to become a family, and learning to work together in order to have fun and come to victory.
“I’m mostly excited about being apart of a team,” Tovar said. “To get to know the players, as well as winning.”