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Photo by Sami Groneberg

Photo by Sami Groneberg

By Pauline Harner
Cougar News Blog

Members of the Cactus Canyon volleyball team are spiking their way through their first volleyball camp that started Sept. 3. Mrs. Roach is doing volleyball camp to let seventh- and eighth-grade girls improve their volleyball skills.
The camp goes from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays in the gym. They have games every Friday. This is to help the girls learn to be better and is another way for the girls to try to be on a sports team.
“From volleyball camp I have improved a lot,” said eighth grader Kennedy Bishop. “My coaches have helped me mainly on my serving and making sure the ball goes over the net.”
The coaches are Mrs. Roach who coaches the A team, and Mr. Gibson who coaches the B team.
“I want them (the players) to learn the fundamentals of volleyball, improve their ability to play well, learn to be part of the team, and work together to accomplish a common goal,” said Mrs. Roach. “We are focusing on passing, serving, setting, and hitting.”
This volleyball camp provides the girls with extra help to make the volleyball team.
“I think this will benefit the team because if students do participate in the camp and then try out for the volleyball team, they would already have some experience and have a better chance at making the team,” said eighth grader Lucia Kimble.

Volleyball team opens season

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Athletics, Volleyball

By Anna Gray
Cougar News Blog

Volleyball season is underway and the lady Cougars are ready to play. Coach Regan Roach is hoping that this season many of the girls will be able to see their success in action.
Out if the 82 girls that tried out, only 26 of them were selected for teams. Volleyball will have an A and B team with two separate coaches. Roach will coach the A team while James Gibson will coach the B team.
“It wasn’t difficult for me to make cuts because I was a returning player, but it was a little nerve wracking,” said eighth grader Halle Bodell.
Both coaches want this year’s team to have a basic understanding of volleyball when the season comes to an end.
“I want this year’s team to work hard on fundamentals of the game,” said Coach Gibson.
To achieve this, Coach Roach reflected on past seasons to see what needs to be better explained. Although the team has a few things to work on, they are very doing well in doing other things such as working well together, being committed to improvement, and being dedicated to making sure what they need to learn to make the team better. During the season the coaches are expecting to see improvement in players and goals being reached.
“I set goals for myself and am working toward them, just as I expect from the players,” said Coach Roach.
One of the goals the team hopes to achieve is a league championship.
“I hope to finish this season as number one,” said eighth grader Jessica Sigler.
The team began its season Nov. 5 at home against Desert Wind. The A team lost to the Tigers, while the B team was victorious.

By Maranda Brousseau
Cougar News Blog

Volleyball coach Regan Roach is holding a clinic for students that are nervous about volleyball tryouts. The days of the clinic are normally Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4 p.m. The cost of the clinic is $30.
In the clinic, students will learn how to pass, set and serve which are all the major necessities for tryouts.
“I was nervous about trying out because I haven’t had the time to actually practice my skills in a while,” said Jenna Divis. “I am starting to get better from what I’m learning in the clinic.”
Last year, about 80 girls tried out and only 24 made it in. Roach is hoping for as good as an outcome as last year.
“The clinic is a way that students that don’t know how to play volleyball can learn,” said volleyball coach Regan Roach. “It’s also a way for returning players to work on their skills and improve.”
Mrs. Roach said the $30 covers utilities and equipment. The volleyball season will officially begin after fall break.

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By Paige Mace
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High’s volleyball season is now complete. The B team finished with a record of 9-2, while the A squad finished 8-4 and lost in the first round of the playoffs.
Coaches for both teams said they are very happy about the improvements made by the girls throughout the whole season.
A team coach Jake Heermans said the girls got a little nervous during the playoff match.
“I think that we got a little tense when the game was on the line,” said Mr. Heermans. “We had everything we needed. We had two or three match points and just got tense. We reverted back to just doing anything to get the ball back over rather than continuing to do the things that got us all our wins in the first place – bump, set, spike.”
The A team lost 2-1 in a close semifinal match. The scores of the games were 16-25, 25-21, and 15-17.
Even though the season didn’t bring a championship, players on both teams improved as players and made new friends.
“We have all bonded a lot and we learned more about each other,” said eighth grader Samantha Tovar. “Because you spend so much time with the same people.”
The players all became a big family during the season and said winning and losing together makes a better, stronger team.
“I’m very proud of all the girls and I love them all so much,” said Laura Caspersen. “We have grown so much and thanks for such a fantastic year.”

By Paige Mace
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High’s volleyball teams started out the season with a loss, but they turned that right around. Now that the team has been on the road to success there appears to be no going back.
The A and B teams both began the season with a loss to Mountain Vista on Oct. 27, but were able to avenge the defeat by beating the Wolverines Nov. 15. The A team is now on a five-game winning streak, while the B team had won seven in a row before a loss to Desert Wind on Nov. 22.
Both quads have started the season 7-2, and each team’s coach has been impressed with the gains that have been made so far.
“There has been huge improvements from everyone,” said Candace Wyatt, B team coach. “Serving, passing, setting, communicating, and working together, they look nothing like they did their first game.”
“They are doing a great job,” said Jake Heermans, A team coach. “They really work at playing volleyball and not just bumping the ball back over. We’ve had some great plays and I hope they keep improving.”
Both teams have put a lot of effort into winning, and both teams have showed teamwork and been hard working. The coaches said they are happy about how hard the teams are working, and how they always hustle to the ball when they are playing.
As the regular season enters its final week, the players will continue to learn and improve their skills. If all goes well, the season will continue with the playoffs next week.