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By Raylan Jena
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon is back for wrestling season and isn’t tapping out.
     CCJH has won the championship for wrestling for four consecutive years and the team this year is filled with young men and women who are dedicated to the sport and ready to beat their opponent, but respectfully.
     “I’ve learned what hard work and dedication is, I practice every day to make me stronger physically and mentally,” eighth grader Timothy Pappas said.
     The wrestling coach, David Smith, has been teaching the young wrestlers new moves, respect, hard work, and dedication. The wrestlers said they will try their absolute best when they wrestle their opponents. Coach Smith taught the kids to have a goal for their season, so that they can try their best to be successful.
     “My goal for the season is to have fun doing what I love and working on being a better person,” Pappas said.
     Everyone on the team has been preparing for the new season, with all types of ways, such as running more, working out, eating better, and getting themselves into shape.
     “I have prepared for wrestling by eating right, less junk food, and working out at the gym more,” eighth grader Joshua Tunstill said.
     Many of the wrestlers want to to use wrestling in their future, and get scholarships, because they all love the sport, and love to compete.
     “I love wrestling; it’s a sport that I will actually want to continue, and hopefully use it in the future for a scholarship,” Pappas said.
     Members on the wrestling team are confident in their ability to win the league for the fifth consecutive year.
     “I am confident that we will win,” Pappas said.


By Logan D.
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon’s wrestlers have grappled their way into a new season, with two wins against Desert Wind and one against Mountain Vista.
This year there are about 25 wrestlers on the squad. They are working hard every day to be better. Coach David Smith is pushing his wrestlers to work harder and to improve their technique as they attempt to win their fourth consecutive Desert Middle School Athletic League title.
“We’ve had some bumps in the road, but we are still working in the direction we need to go in,” said Smith.
Coach Smith said he is blessed to have great coaches helping him with the squad, and feels lucky to also to have his family so closely involved with the team. He wants his athletes to know they can control their bodies and even their destinies by overcoming adversity.
“I want my wrestlers to come to practice every day ready to learn,” said Coach Smith.
Eighth grader Thomas Long was the DMSAL champion in his class last year, and he is looking to do the same again this year.
“My strategy for winning matches is to stay in position, and work the basics nothing fancy,” said Long.
Even successful people do not win every time. Smith wants his wrestlers to build a little bit every day and to take baby steps.
“Many baby steps lead to huge accomplishments, If you stop crawling you will never learn to walk,” said coach Smith.
The next match for the Cougars will be Saturday, April 19, at Apache Junction High School.

By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

Cougar wrestlers started the season off with two wins against Maricopa Wells and Desert Wind, a good start to their ultimate goal of winning their third consecutive championship.
Wrestling coach David Smith has seen about 40-45 athletes try out and currently has about 37 on the roster.
“Typically we do not cut athletes,” Smith said. “We need 18 guys to fill all our weight classes.”
Smith says that Andrew Greyeagle, P.J. Galvan, Patrick Allison, Alex Ivy, Peni Latuselu, Chris Bourland, and Zane Bolton had great seasons last year. Brandon Delatorre, Reid Machajewski, Jose Castillo, Gabe Marquez, Julian Blakeman, Chase McFadden, Connor Dry, and Ryan Matthes all show great promise this year.
“I look at all the guys in the room from Austin Evans to Dylan Zimmerman,” said Smith, “and they all have very good qualities.”
The wrestling team is going for a “three-peat” this year, seeking a third consecutive championship. CCJH’s opponents are Maricopa Wells, Desert Wind, Hohokam, and Mountain Vista. Smith feels no pressure at all.
“Quite honestly I try not to measure success by wins and losses,” said Smith.
Smith says the major areas the team needs to work on is technique. Wrestling isn’t a mainstream sport, so it’s hard to find a place to practice.
“We will need to to teach, teach, teach as much as we can and hope for the best,” said Smith.

By Thayne Jackson
Staff writer

The new sports season has started at Cactus Canyon and one of the school’s 2010-11 championship teams is ready to defend its title. The Cougar wrestlers opened with a 51-28 win over Hohokam March 28.
Last year, the CCJH wrestling team made it to, and won the league championships. They aim for the same goal again this year. A few of the starters from last year – Mike Uehling, Casey Smith, Trevin Balzer, and Cameo Transue are returning.
Coach David Smith is ready to help his team reach that goal and become better wrestlers.
“As always I am excited about teaching the sport of excitement for whatever they are trying to achieve.”
Wrestling began on Monday March 19. There not as many wrestlers this year as there were last year and only eight of the 18 weight classes are filled. Students interested in wrestling are encouraged to join the team.
Returning wrestlers are looking forward to being mentors for the newer ones.
“I am very excited for this season,” said eighth grader Trevin Balzer. “A lot of newcomers are coming into the room, and I can definitely say some of them need work, but they got the heart to get it done.”
There are high expectations for this year’s wrestling season, both for team and individual growth.
“If every person could spend one season in a wrestling room during the course of their life they would learn so much about themselves and what they are able to achieve,” Smith said.