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Mr. Davis’ Note: CCJH J2 students are again participating in the Edublogs Challenge. The Week 7 activity was about nature. This post contains a sampling from students in the class.

By Jake A.

     The thing I love about nature the most would have to be the scenery. While mother nature can often be destructive it also provides us with beautiful and calming arrays of scenery. From Siberia to Brazil these magnificent creations can be found all across the world and are stunning in their own ways. These scenes can be utterly breathtaking and unbelievable in person which makes them all the more beautiful. There are many sights to see around the world and all are unique from where they are located and say something about the place there in.
     Stretching across North America there are things like great plains, Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and more. All of these places are unique in their own beauty. To the south you have things like the stunning beaches of Mexico and the extensive Amazon. Over about one continrny you come to Africa with beautiful oasis. In Europe you have things like the Danube River, the Mediterranean in Italy, the Alps in Austria and much more.
     There is much more scenery around the world but I love the scenery of nature because it is so beautiful and calming. You can hike and go rock climbing or a number of other things to see some scenery It can range from so many different things and can be a good way to relax. Seeing something as astonishing as nature is fun to me and clears my mind. I’ll always have fun climbing a mountain or going on a beach and watching nature.

By Kaira L.

     I love nature. My most favorite things about nature is the plants, the trees, the different types of rocks, the fossils, the mountains and the planets/stars. I enjoy looking and exploring nature. I think it’s fun to get up and get out to know the world a little better. I think exploring is very fun. It’s a way to keep you entertained if you have nothing to do.
     My mom and my aunt and me use to go hiking on Sunday morning. The view from the top of the mountain is amazing. There is a whole bunch of different types of rocks. The rocks are much bigger than the ones that are on the side of the streets, and I didn’t know that mountains have flower bushes and really tall thick trees. I thought that mountains were just plain with dirt and rocks.
     The ocean is just very beautiful. I like how the ocean looks like at all times, and how many different types of animals live in it. I like just sitting there sometimes looking at the sky. The water is very nice and warm sometimes cold, I think it’s very relaxing. Looking up at the stars and just watching the sky is a nice feeling, you don’t think about anything and just relax and enjoy. I likes stars a lot, but I also really like planets.
     Planets and rocks are one of my top favorite things about nature. Planets are fun to experiment on and learn new things about them that we didn’t know, and the different types of rocks the planets have.

By Jaden E.

     Nature is a very beautiful part of the world that we live on and it should be cherished for it could not always be there. I love that in nature there is always something happening in just about every corner of the outside world, no matter how small.
     To me the greatest part of nature will be the ocean. The ocean is just so massive and unexplored. There’s new species of fish and flora constantly being unraveled to us. The ocean is just so mysterious and when you actually jump onto a boat and see the blue that goes on forever. For me the ocean is not really scary I would say, but more broad and deep. All of the types of fish down there is just simply astounding. When you look at some of strangest fish that are located at the very bottom of the ocean it’s fascinating to see some of the ways fish have evolved to live in such conditions that is present at the bottom of the ocean.
     Other than the ocean though nature has many sights to see. Some of the best places to take pictures of nature, so you have something to look at to remind you of the places you’ve been. Places like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park. In Yellowstone they have got many tourist attracting locations, such as Old Faithful and the Grizzly bears the forests house. This is what’s so great about nature. You can lose yourself in the vastness of forests, oceans, and deserts.


Mr. Davis’ Note: CCJH J2 students are again participating in the Edublogs Challenge. The Week 4 activity was about Halloween and how it is celebrated. This post contains a sampling from students in the class.

By Damian L.

     The best Halloween experience I’ve ever had was when I was in third grade and I went with a big group of friends. I dressed up as Spider-Man, and the others dressed up as different things. Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, vampires, you name it, someone one in the group was that. We went around our neighborhood, and a few others that were close.
     It was a fun night, that was until we got lost about a mile away from our homes in a maze of streets. We weren’t even supposed to leave a three block radius of our cul-de-sac, so we all called our parents, but there were so many people we couldn’t even see the street signs. After a while we started to backtrack, getting even more disoriented. Finally one of us came up with the idea to ask someone where we were. I saw a house with the lights off and thought they’d probably help if we told them we were lost, so we went over and knocked on the door.
     The man that answered the door was kind of moody as if he didn’t like the sight of a group of 10-year-old bothering him. Once we told him what we were going through he said he was glad to help. He asked for one of our parent’s phone numbers and I gave him our house phone’s number. He laughed and told my dad his address so that he could come and pick us up. When my dad got there we all piled into the truck, almost instantly my dad started to scold me for leaving and going too far away from the house. Later that night when I was getting ready for bed my parents told me I was grounded.
     Yeah, I got grounded, but it had been a crazy adventure that night, and it was also probably the most memorable halloween of my life.

By Jenevieve S.

     This year on Halloween I didn’t dress up as anything, this was also the first year that I didn’t go trick or treating. Instead my cousin and I drove around and went to book stores and haunted houses. We went to the mall for about five minutes to go into Spencer’s so my cousin could buy jewelry. When we got back to my house we were hungry so we went to Taco Bell, Walmart so we could get chocolate and pretzels, and the dollar store.
     My cousin made chocolate covered pretzels when we got home and we watched scary movies on Netflix for a few hours until we went to sleep. For some reason I also remember my cousin’s stomach growling before we went to sleep and she said it sounded like Mt. Everest. When we woke up in the morning I asked her what she meant and she told me she couldn’t remember the word ‘avalanche’ so she said that instead.
     Every year leading up to this one I would go out with a friend and we would trick or treat for a few hours, then I would go home and trade candy with my brother. My favorite costumes of mine were Alice from Alice In Wonderland when I was 9. My favorite candy on Halloween is candy corn and since we didn’t go trick or treating this year my cousin and I went to the store and bought the candy we could have gotten.

By Natalie D.

     On Halloween, I don’t dress up. I don’t like to, even though my mom and brother tease me about it. We stopped trick or treating last year and I only went with family. We would trick or treat in a neighborhood by us, and it was fun.
     A lot of years have been memorable, but last year gets the prize for most memorable. My mom and brother forced me to go out and then complained when I refused to wear a costume. I just wanted to get candy, but they said they wouldn’t let me if I didn’t at least wear something. So I grabbed a broom and we set out.
     As we walked people kept asking me what I was and I never knew what to say. Some people would give me ideas like witch or janitor. After a while, the best idea popped into my head. I was a ninja witch warrior, who was also a part-time janitor. When I would tell people this, they would laugh really hard and it never failed to make me smile. It still makes me smile and my mom still makes fun of me for it. My ninja witch warrior, who is also a part-time janitor costume is the best costume I had ever “worn,” and all it was was a broom.
     The only reason I trick or treated was for the treats. My favorite candy is probably Twix, but a close second is Tootsie Pops. My brother gave up the whole trick or treating thing as well, so my mom just gets us a bag of candy the day after Halloween and we have to share it.

Mr. Davis’ Note: CCJH J2 students are again participating in the Edublogs Challenge. The Week 5 activity is about food and how it is different in different cultures around the world. This post contains a sampling from students in the class.

By Michael P

     America is a huge melting pot full of all sorts of cultures and individuals which bring home very unique and creative foods to try. One of the foods I’ll be focusing on is the Philly Cheese Steak. Made in Philadelphia by Pat and Harry Olivieri and later they started selling them at their hotdog stand south Philadelphia . Later these sandwiches would be known all across the country and they even have a name for the posture you have to adopt without getting grease all over your clothes “ the Philadelphian Lean.” The sandwich itself is cooked by chopping beef and then grilling the beef in grease, then you get the extra flavor from onions and cheese, all to be laid into a locally made Amorose bun.
     A food more close to home for me is when me and my family make is a steak sandwich with bacon stuffed inside and fries in there too. This creation was made when my dad came from England all the way to America. He lived in Los Angeles and was amazed at all the food the that we Americans make. He then got a steak sandwich and proceeded to shove bacon into it while putting french fries inside of it and filling it with barbecue sauce and ketchup. The cooking for the sandwich is pretty easy. Just get bacon, potatoes, and steak from your local store. Cook the steak until it’s very juicy and succulent and then put the steak into a bun, then proceed to stuff french fries and the bacon you made before. Once you’re all done, put ketchup or barbecue sauce inside and you’re all done.
     There’s a strange food that I’ve always wanted to talk about. It’s called the Balut and it is literally a developing duck embryo. The Balut originated in the Philippines as street food. It’s sold all over the streets and is very common food. The egg is boiled and placed into a bowl with vinegar and hot sauce in the bowl and it is served with beer. This food is considered to be good luck to pregnant women and shows that they will have long lives. To me, as an outsider this food is very taboo and disgusting mostly because it just doesn’t seem right to eat it, but then again people of their culture might look at American food and declare that’s taboo for them. This all shows that the difference between two cultures that are this far away.

By Chelsey M.

     Frito pies are unique to Americans and most Americans make it maybe for special occasions as in fourth of july, or maybe just make it, because they like the taste of it. A frito pie is frito chips spicy cheese and usually onions but you could put anything on your frito pie that you’d like. It could be good for occasions, picnics, maybe if you’re just hungry and if you like it enough for dinner or lunch. Our favorite way of eating frito pies is whenever you feel like it! It goes good with anything well maybe not anything, but just about everything so feel free to try it! Frito pies must be weird to other people but not to us americans who’ve tried it.
     A special kind of food and snack my family eats is seaweed it’s just me, dad, sister, and brother who eat seaweed no one else. Everyone else on my dad’s side of the family thought it was disgusting! A lot of people at school and my dad and sisters work think it is gross when in reality it is very tasty! Seaweed has that crunch. Seaweed also helps your skin by the oils they cook the seaweed with. Seaweed comes in all sorts of different flavors comes in sesame, hot chilli, original and forgot one more but that’s okay. My family’s favorite type of seaweed to eat is sesame kind it gives you the rich taste of goodness seafood. But seaweed is not for every.
     Chinese frog legs are usually something Americans won’t eat because they are frog legs and who wants to eat frog legs! Frog legs are delicacies of French and Chinese cuisine. They Frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and potassium. Frog legs are edible everywhere around the world. The taste and texture of frog legs is like meat but approximately between chicken and fish. Cooking can cause fresh frog legs to twitch when heating them up and taking them out of the microwave, boiling water or whatever you’re cooking the frog legs. The frogs you usually eat are bullfrogs and leopard frogs. Frog legs are known in the countries of France and Asia. They’re usually treats more than dinner or lunch.

By Chris M.

     Here in the Southwestern part of America, we sometimes eat Tacos. A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling. The generally accepted recipe is a “wheat or corn tortilla that is uncooked and folded around the filling”, with the filling consisting of ground beef, lettuce, cheese, with options including sour cream and chopped tomato bits. Sometimes the taco is salted or peppered, and sometimes in certain recipes, ingredients are removed or extras of ingredients are put in to add flavor or remove flavor. An alternate version is called a Fish Taco, where you remove the ground beef and cheese and replace them with fish meat, on which limes are squeezed. Another version is called the Chili Taco, in which all filling is removed and replaced with chili and beans, and either ingredient can be flavored in any way.
thal to eat if not prepared carefully, as pufferfish contain tetrodotoxin, which is deadly even in small doses.
     Fugu has become one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine. The inhabitants of Japan have eaten fugu for centuries. Strict fishing regulations are now in place to protect fugu populations from depletion. Most fugu are now harvested in the spring during the spawning season and then farmed in floating cages in the Pacific Ocean. ” To make this dish commercially, say, in a restaurant, you must have a very specific license to prepare the Fugu. Preparation includes removing the toxin and making sure that the meat is not contaminated. A full course Fugu meal (usually around eight servings) can cost around $100 – $200, or 10,000 yen – 20,000 yen.


By Abrian Rios Pineda

My dream of what I will be doing once I leave school and am done with school, is moving to Los Angeles, California where my family has a really big home. The place is payed for and we own the home, so I won’t have to pay anything on the house while I’m staying there. I’m not really sure if I want to live there or just stay there until I can get my own place to live. We usually only go to our Los Angeles home for really big holidays. Our family is really big too so the house has 3 big bedrooms, and 3 master bedrooms. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live in that big of a house the rest of my life, I would like to get a more decent sized house nearby our L.A. home.
When I get there I want to start college at University College of Los Angeles. But I am still thinking of what I want to be when I grow up and what I want to study in college. I’m really hoping to be on UCLA’s softball team though. But if other colleges scout me during high school, and UCLA wasn’t on the list, I would check the other colleges out and see what team has the best benefits for me and then move there to that area.
Whatever I decide to be when I get older, I am hoping it’s a fun life career, and that I’m in magazines, and I’m known around the world. I just want to live having fun and being free.


By Alyssa Flores

On my break time I did a food drive. I decided to make a food drive because i felt that i need to make a change of my break routine instead of sitting around on the couch watching tv and eating potato chips when there are families struggling to put food on the table. I know how it feels to eat can vegetables for a snack every single day.
Doing this food drive has been very personal because my mom has five kids when I was little my mom would have to get food boxes from food banks because she only had enough money to pay the apartment rent. We would have a plan bread and ham sandwich for dinner. This food drive will change the way I think about being ungrateful for the food my mom serves. Doing this food drive makes me think that I can do much more knowing that I can make a difference for a family.
I raised $50 dollars of food and its going to Apache Junction Food Bank. For winter break I want to do do bake sales and babysitting to raise money to make homeless care bags to give out to the homeless. In the homeless care bags I want to put blankets, food, and ten dollars. I hope I can make enough homeless care bags.

By Elisabeth Hogendorn

If I could improve my school I would make it so that everyone can bring a drink other than water. The only drink you can’t bring is alcohol or any sort of energy drink (monsters, 5 hour energy drink, etc.), but other than that you can bring any drink you want, because why can the teachers bring any drink they want but students can’t, like if you’re gonna make a rule, you have to follow it. If you’re not going to follow the rule that you made, then what’s the point of having it?
Anyways, I would also let people eat on the other side of the gate, because what are those tables for? I know that there meant for sitting and stuff, but everyone eats over there anyways, not everyone listens to that rule and no one and I mean no one listens to the rule “don’t walk through the rocks”because everyone walks through them.
For the dress code I wouldn’t let people wear whatever they want, but I wouldn’t be so strict on it. Like I would let people wear tank tops but if the sleeves are cut to where you can see there boob, they will get dress coded. The only things someone can’t wear is what I just mentioned, super short shorts to where you can see someone’s underwear or butt and inappropriate clothing (inappropriate words or signs on shirts or pants/shorts).
I would also put more fun classes in the school, like I would put a dance class for one of the study skills options because a lot of people like to dance and I think having a dance class would be a fun opportunity and a lot of people would probably sign up for it.



What I learned from the Video

Abriann RiosPineda

     A computer can be used to do a lot of things like writing stories, drawing pictures, recording music, taking photos, and taking videos. When you draw a picture yourself, on paper, that’s the only copy or picture of it. Unless you give someone else a copy or sell a copy to someone. But if you create the drawing on your computer and decide to give a copy to someone or sell it to someone, they can make their own copies off the one you gave them. They can even change details in the picture if they would like.
     If you don’t want someone to make more copies or change details in your picture, you can use copyright law. It stops people from making their own copies and/or changing the details unless you give them permission. If you would like people to make changes to whatever you created, or be shared around the world, you can use Creative Commons. Creative Commons is an organization that gives out free content license. A content license is a document that tells the limitations of your work. You can tell them what they can and can’t do with your creation.


My Interests

Alyssa Flores

Raylan Nelson



Looking myself up

Abriann RiosPineda

     When I looked myself up on google, the first thing that comes up is my Facebook account. My Instagram and Pinterest also came up. My Instagram profile came up and just showed my posts and followers that I have and the people I am following. Same with my Pinterest profile. In the images there was pictures of people I follow on Facebook and pictures I liked on Facebook and one of my profile pictures from a while back from my Facebook account. An image of my family’s house in Los Angeles, California came up too. Also the stories I have written for the Cougar News Blog for my school came up and my Blog Action Day story on racism came up also.
     There was not really anything surprising that came up since I don’t get in trouble with the law or anything, or put up strange pictures on my social media profiles that everyone could spread around on the internet for everyone to see.
     The results of me looking myself up are positive too, so that is good. I didn’t see anything bad or disturbing to me or other that came up while I was looking myself up on Google. I thought maybe something would come up though because if your stuff is shared all over the internet I would think that someone would mess with your things online. Like photoshopping your pictures you have posted before, or hacking your social profiles online and changing the information on them.


Advice to kids

Alyssa Flores

Many kids don’t realize how important being safe on the internet because they are told from adults. They think they tell them that to stay off the internet. That is not the point here many kids do not realize that many people on the other side of the computer are not who they say they are. Many kids think that just because its on the screen it ok. Its not always ok there can be a 12 year old teenager and is actually a 40 year old man. I don’t mean to scare you but tell you not everything is not what it seems to be. Never give them your number,age,where you live, name because in a click of a button your life won’t be safe. They can search you, stock you and scare you. Never invite someone you don’t know to your house or never meet with them somewhere. You don’t know their background information they can say they are a girl who wants to play it can be a man. I have never had an experience with a situation like this. Be smart on the internet. When you post something about school being dumb, You ditching school won’t look good when you try to get a job and get into school. I think kids will know about internet safety now that an adult is not telling them but a kid because we are closer in age than their teachers or parents. Be smart, safe and protective about your information don’t give it out.


The staff of the Cougar News Blog is participating in this year’s Blog Action Day. Each year, bloggers from around the world post about issues like the environment, poverty, and climate change. This year’s issue is inequality. Following a class discussion about ways people receive unequal treatment, students chose a topic to write about from their own personal knowledge and experience. Students were given almost no direction for this assignment, so what you read is entirely the ideas from the minds of 13- or 14-year-old eighth graders. For more information, visit

Racial Inequality

By Abriann Rios Pineda

     Racism has been around for a really long time. Even after the Jim Crow Law was passed. Jim Crow Laws are racial segregation laws made in 1876. That only stopped African-Americans from having to be separated from white people, and hate crimes from being committed. People mostly think of white people and African-Americans when they hear the word racism or racist, or when they are having a conversation about it. It also involves Chinese and Japanese in other parts, all over the world.
     Racism still is around. I think it exist more at schools. Students in class get made fun of because of what color they are or what their race is. It also happens on the bus and at after school events. Aside from it happening at school between students, it happens at restaurants where the waiters and waitresses don’t want to serve a person because of their race. It also happens at libraries, stores, and attraction sites.
     Some people say “not to be racist or anything, but…” and then they will say something to that person that makes him/her feel uncomfortable. Maybe that person feels like they were being racist to him/her. The situation could be as simple as that, or another example that’s even more simple is a family is being stared at with an unpleasant look from a family that is a different race dressed more different and look different.
     I’ve been in this situation before and I’ve seen others in this situation. I feel that for someone to act like that with another human being is very hateful because they are a person too. It makes me think what if you were that person being made fun of or looked at in a way you don’t want to be looked at. I would feel really uncomfortable, and that’s why I don’t like racism or could ever act like that.

Age, Race, and Gender

By Aysaiah A.

     Everybody is the same whether you are a different race, gender, age. It does not matter because we are all human beings, but most people around the world don’t notice that. Some people don’t know that we are all the same as them.
     Racism is one of the most biggest factors of inequality. People around the world still are against another race. From the 1700’s to the 1960’s people were racist against African Americans. They thought that they were aliens, that they were not human but they are. Racism is not illegal but it should be.
     Age is not really a big factor in inequality, but it still counts. An older person (per say an employee) could be treating a younger employee less favorably because of his age. This happens all the time. Young people treat older people less favorably because of their age. Young people (per say a teenager) can act like a complete jerk to older people. They could say “Oh, they are too old to even hear what we are saying” or things even worse.
     Gender is another factor of inequality. People of different genders are being discriminated against also. An example would be a man wanted to buy a car for $30,000. Then a woman wants to buy one but the car dealer raises the price just because she is a girl. Women are mostly being discriminated against in Iran. Women are not allowed to show skin or else they with get beaten by their boyfriend or husband. Women are humans too. This should not happen but it does.



Three cool places to visit in Phoenix

By Hannah Wolfe

     There is a huge amount of places to visit in Phoenix, AZ. But, there aren’t as many places you can visit year round. For example, Chase Field, the Diamondbacks baseball stadium is a very cool, fun place to visit is Phoenix. However, it’s only open during baseball season.
     Three places I would highly recommend would be the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Science Center, and last but not least the Hall of Fame Museum of Firefighting. I recommend the Phoenix Zoo because it’s a place full of fun, animals, and other wildlife. It’s great atmosphere allows all kinds of people to feel welcome. It has lots of areas where you can buy drinks and snacks. There are a couple cafe’s scattered around the zoo too.
     I would also recommend the Arizona Science Center. It’s an inspiring 4-story building filled with lots of science exhibits. There are 350 exhibits that are hands on. Workers at the Arizona Science Center teach and entertain visitors about science. There are lots of educational activities and science programs including, summer science camp, Adult’s Night Out, thematic events, Stroller Science pre-school programs, and the Science on Wheels outreach program.
     In addition, I would also suggest the Hall of Fame Museum of Firefighting. This the biggest firefighting museum chronicles in the history of the profession and commemorates fallen firefighters. There are five exhibit bays and the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes gallery.
     There are so many other exciting places to visit in Phoenix, Arizona. But these are only three of many that I would recommend.


Three cool places to visit in Phoenix

By Abriann Rios Pineda

     If anyone were to go to the capital of my state, which is Phoenix, Arizona, 3 places I would recommend going to is Castles-n-Coasters, the Phoenix zoo, and the Arizona Science Center. I have been to all these places and I think they are really fun to go to.
     Castles-n-Coasters is an amusement park. I recommend going here because they have really fun arcade games. There are over 250 arcade games. You can also ride go-carts, my favorite part of going there. The roller coasters are so much fun too! I’m not really a person who likes golf, but I had fun playing mini-golf there.
     I would also recommend going to the Phoenix zoo too because it’s a nice relaxing place to just go and walk around. They have fun stands where you can get a facepainting or a funny drawing of you and a friend or family member. Or you can go on the Sky Ride. It’s kind of like a ski lift. It takes you across the zoo and then you can go back the other way. I really liked it.
     I went to the Arizona Science Center for a field trip for school in the third grade and I thought it was the coolest place ever. My favorite part was the Forces of Nature immersive Theater. You stand on a platform like thing and you can feel the ground shake from earthquakes, thunder, and lightning. There are large screens where you can watch the weather change. They even have it rain on you or feel the heat of a volcano or heat wave.


If I could live anywhere

By Alyssa Flores

     If I had a chance to live anywhere in the world. I would like to live in a small town in the forest. The forest is a very calming and relaxing place. A small town is perfect because you can know anyone and everyone. Everyone would be friends and go over to each others house during the holidays. The forest has a nice touch with a small town because the weather is always perfect, with the trees hovering over the houses with the animal noises in the morning. Drinking a cup of coffee on your front porch. I think a small town in the forest gives you time to finish everything because you don’t have any distractions with busy cars, loud people, fast moving people. You would be able to read a book by the fire and camp out every weekend in your backyard. You can listen to the calming animal noises echoing in the forest. Having the chance to have gatherings with everyone from the town. You would get look up at the stars with the breeze blowing in you face. A warm blanket cozing near the fire during the winter nights. being surrounded by the sweet smell and sound of nature. Growing up around nature is would be a wonderful childhood. In a cabin is a perfect way to get away from the busy world and let loose for a period of time. That is why I would live in a small town in the forest.


If I could live anywhere

By Eric Lundquest

     If I were able to live anywhere in the world i’d choose to live in Montana. Montana has beautiful scenery as well as plentiful wildlife. Being a hunter the deep woods and chilly conditions are excellent hunting and living conditions from my perspective. While there is a low population and limited stores the landscape makes up for all of that and then some. The true beauty lies in the mountainous region of Montana where you can look over the forest as far as the eye can see. The ideal living place for me would be deep within the forests of Montana in a medium sized cabin just living off the the land and off the grid in a simple yet hardworking lifestyle. For me living outdoors in Montana is a dream that I would like to someday fulfill. It’s not the just the natural beauty and plentiful wildlife that draws me to Montana its the sense of knowing that you are responsible for your own survival and well being, as well as the simplistic living style of leaving behind the modern technology and stress for fresh pine scented air and majestic scenery of the Montana’s forests.


If I could live anywhere

By Ian Hager

If I could live anywhere I wanted,I would want to live in San Diego,California. I would want to live there because the weather is never too hot,there are beaches,and there are a lot of nice houses. The only downside of living in San Diego is that the houses are super expensive, for a 6 bedroom 11 bathroom house you will end up spending $27,000,000 or $104,000 a month. The only reason why the homes are a lot of money is because most of them are on the beach. Another reason why I want to live there is because it’s my favorite place to visit during summer vacation. When I go to San Diego, I go to the beach,restaurants,and Sea World. At the beach I ride my surfboard and run around like a crazy hooligan on the beach while I chase crabs around. So if I lived there I wouldn’t have to take an eight-hour drive from Scottsdale,Arizona to San Diego,California and then another eight-hour drive back. If I lived in San Diego I would have a house right on the beach so if I wanted to go surfing I could just walk outside my backdoor and go to the ocean and surf. Another thing I like about San Diego is the food. My favorite kind of food is seafood like shrimp,crab and lobster which they have a lot of. The best restaurant in San Diego is called Brigantine Seafood Restaurant, it is a 4 star restaurant with a big selection of seafood. The weather in San Diego is super nice. The highest temperature in San Diego ever recorded is 111 degrees fahrenheit. The average temperature in San Diego is 72 degrees fahrenheit. But then the water is about 40 degrees which is too cold for me to swim in but I still swim in it anyways. When i’m older I am planning on becoming a professional boxer and I want to own a pet tiger. But….. they are illegal in California which means I can’t own one. When I go to San Diego with my dad we always go to the gym at 5:00 in the morning and usually stay there until 9:00 in the morning. The gym we go to is called LA fitness and it is open 24 hours. I also want to go scuba diving and see sharks,stingrays,jellyfish, and many more fish and weird creatures. If I lived in San Diego I would have a yacht and go deep sea fishing and try to catch the craziest fish ever.


If I could live anywhere

Jessica Conrad

     If I could live anywhere in the world, I would like to live in Hawaii. I lived there for a few years when my dad was stationed there.
     I think Hawaii is very beautiful. There’s so much things to do and a lot of neat sights to see. I really want to go back.
     The reason why I want go back so much is because I’m older now. I can appreciate the beauty of the nature much better now.
     I also have a lot of family and family friends who still there. Where I live now, I don’t have any family members that live here.
     There’s also a lot of activities to do. For example, going to the beach and swimming, or even surfing! I enjoy swimming and being in the water. You can be really active when you live there!
     Since there is a lot of tourism, there’s probably a lot of different shows and tours to see and do. I think it would be really fun do all that sort of stuff, too.
     I would like to live in Hawaii because there’s so many things to do, and it’s such a beautiful place. I can’t wait to go back to visit or even maybe live there!


If I could live anywhere

Logan Duncan

     If I could live anywhere it would have to be the Mass Effect universe. It is my favorite gaming universe, it has a great storyline that does a great job of immersing the player. They also have a large set of books to go with the game. The future setting really draws me in, i am also a fan of the halo universe. I would also want to live in it because I would want to be a hero, like the main character Commander Shepard. He is a N7 marine who was made into a spectre, which is a soldier who works in Special Tactics and Recon division. My goal would be the same, join the spectres and save people. Living with all of the aliens would be pretty cool as well, it would be fun to visit all of their worlds and try all of their different traditions. There is so much to do in the Mass Effect universe as well, there is always someone who needs help or a mission that needs done. Not to mention there are so many interesting characters, they each have different stories and it would be fun to learn them all.
     The main enemy of the Mass Effect universe is the reapers, an ancient race of machines that come around every 50,000 years to wipe out all advanced organic life. I would enjoy fighting the reapers and saving Earth as well as other worlds from the reapers. There is also a terrorist organization called Cerberus, they want to secure human interests in the galaxy. They are led by a man who is only known as The Illusive Man since no one knows his real name or rarely sees him in person. I would like to fight off Cerberus from killing other races just to secure human interests. If I could live in another universe it would definitely be the Mass Effect universe.


If I went to the capital

By Raylan Nelson

     If you were to come to Arizona, right now is the perfect time because it is cool, in the early morning, and gets warmer in the middle of the day, and has been getting humid in the evening, because we have had some rain lately. When we have rain, it floods, so streets get washed over, dirt goes everywhere, and there is a lot of car accidents. Three things that would highly suggest you go see in Arizona, in the Grand Canyon, a big tourist hit, Goldfield Ghost Town, and Canyon Lake.
     Many people like to see the Grand Canyon, because it’s a beautiful, natural creation, and the way it was made, honestly is just so fascinating.. It’s a beautiful sight, and everyone seems to want to see the Grand Canyon, obviously that is also why Arizona’s nickname, is the “Gold Canyon State..”
     Ghostfield Ghost town, is just outside of Apache Junction, its like a recreation of history, of what it used to look like in the ‘50’s, there is candy stores, with original candy, but freshly made, antiques you can buy, a reptile shop, that you can go see what kind of animals, are around, a fudge shop, an ice cream shop, a restaurant, and a train, where you can take a tour, around what the small town was built around. It is a great sight, and very educational, but you will want to bring water, becasue when it is cool it is also very expensive!
     You go to Canyon Lake, by passing Ghost Town, the drive up is intense, becasue it rounds the mountains, and there is cliffs, that people have drove off and died, but while intense, it is gorgeous, to see the mountains so close, and the nature around it, rounding a mountain, you see the lake, and it is a beautiful moment, many photographers would kill to get a landscape portrait that beautiful.
     Many people love to come to Arizona, and I would highly suggest you, come to visit Arizona, and visit the few things that I have lister, and some more.

Activity 2 – If You Could Delete 2-3 Memories, Which Would You Delete and Why?

The author of the following piece prefers to remain anonymous

Memories are something that we will never forget till the day we die, both good and bad. The memories that will remain with us the most is, in my opinion, the bad memories. They affect us the most as humans. I have three main bad memories. Memory one is the night I was woken up by my siblings telling me my Nana has passed away, memory two is when we found my brother doing drugs in 2010 and memory three is when I found out that my dad might have Multiple Sclerosis or brain cancer.
January 29, 2014 is the day my Nana passed. My Uncle’s plane had landed right as she passed at 10:49 and the house became full of grief. I was sleeping in the back room when it happened and found out when, for the first time since I was little, my brother and sister came and laid down next to me and told me and started crying. Both uncles, my brother and sister, my sisters boyfriend, my mom and my grandfather all came and sat with me in that back room one at a time. In all honesty, I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything. I felt bad because I wasn’t sad and thought something was wrong with me. To this day I still don’t feel sorrow about it.
In 2010, when my brother was out somewhere, my parents went through my brothers room because of suspicion that he was on drugs. That suspicion was right. He was on cocaine and heroin and he had stolen from my mom, dad and I. Me and him were really close back then and when my parents told me what happened it was a shock to me. I ran and hid underneath our computer desk and cried. My mom had to have a family friend come get me and take me over to her house. It was hard for me there because I was told I couldn’t tell her kids, my friends, about what happened and at night I would cry for hours and they would wonder and I couldn’t tell them anything. School was hard too. I had to deal with the fact that I might lose my brother and I was being bullied too. I still cry sometimes when I remember it and I flinch whenever someone jokes around or says the word drugs.

My dad, for seven years, have had a spot in the back of his brain. The doctors didn’t start testing till about 2 years ago and are still doing tests to figure it out. They think that it might be Multiple Sclerosis, MS, or brain cancer but have to do more testing to find to find out. My dad had told me that he was getting testing done but didn’t say for what, so I had to find out through my mom. It was hard for me to find out because I’m really close with my dad and I can’t bare the thought that he could end up in a wheelchair or may die early.

Activity 4 – In Your Own Words, Describe What Memories Mean to You

By Logan D.

To me everyone needs memories. They help people remember all of the best times in their lives. Unfortunately there are also bad ones that we would all love to forget. Memories helps you keep your closest friends as close as possible. When you do the most amazing thing that you have ever done your memories keep that with you, you can never forget it.
When people are in a dark or scary place they have all of their warm memories to think about, they hope that it makes them feel better. When someone will be gone for a long time such as in the renowned movie E.T. where he says, “I’ll be right here” and points to the child’s head. What memories means to me is keeping all your skills, people, feelings, and tastes.
Memories will keep all of your things you learn with you. When your parents teach you to take the training wheels off of your bike you never forget how to ride it. Or when you learn new things in math it will likely stick with you. Or when your mother teaches you too not do something obedient children will not do it again. Memories will make you laugh and have a good time with your friends joking around about something that happened years ago. You also remember what the best burger in your life tasted like, or you will remember what lobster tastes like after you have tasted it for the first time ever. Memories are great and I hope that they stick with all of you forever.

By Cori Gibson

No matter how old you are, you have memories. They may not all be good, but they’re still there, in your brain, forever, and they’ll never go away. We don’t just have them for no particular reason, though. Memories are given to every person and animal everywhere so that we may learn from our mistakes, create a better future for ourselves, and be the great people that we were always meant to be.

Bad memories may not seem too good in most people’s eyes, but they are the ones that we learn the most from. Once you’ve had a bad experience, you don’t forget what caused it, so then you don’t do it again. They help people make better choices. They can also however, upset people when thinking about the bad experiences that they’ve had over the years.

Even though bad memories help us to learn, good ones make us happy. Remembering all off the good times you’ve had can change your whole attitude and make you feel at peace. People often don’t even realize that their whole day is full of good memories. I think that every time someone smiles, it is considered a good memory. Which is really great because I see people smiling everywhere I turn. It’s a refreshing feeling to know that the people around you are happy. Kinda like watching everyone open their Christmas presents.
If everyone would take the time every once and a while to remember all of the great times that they’ve had with their favorite people, the world would be a lot better.

Activity 5 – Create a Comic Strip to Represent One of the Strongest Memories of Your Life.

Welcome to the Cougar News Blog! We are very happy to be hosting this week’s challenge on our site. The activities were all designed by Cactus Canyon Journalism students and we hope you enjoy them. Please feel free introduce yourself in our “Questions for Edublogs Visitors” section. We’d love to know who is visiting us.


This week’s topic is all about memories. Whether they are good memories or bad, they come from the experiences in our lives that shape the people we are and who we continue to become. As you choose your activity – and which memories you write about – think about the impact those experiences have had on your life and the lessons you’ve learned from them.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory? Was it baking cookies with Grandma or visiting the community pool during the hot summers? Write a script and act out your memory with a few classmates in a short video of 2-3 minutes.

2. If you had to trash 2-3 memories to clear storage in your brain, what memories would you permanently delete? Write three detailed paragraphs why you chose that memory/memories to delete?

3. Who have you shared many memories with growing up? Create a slideshow comparing and contrasting two memories you’ve shared with one person, one good memory and one bad.

4. In your own words (not a dictionary) describe what memories mean to you and how they can affect people’s attitude, thought process, etc.

5. Create a comic strip with images that represent one of the strongest memories in your life.

6. Write a post that shows how one of your memories – even one from a long time ago – helps you make a decision today. Maybe it’s mistake you made and don’t want to make again, or perhaps a positive feeling you got from an act of kindness. Post your message in the comments below.