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New study hour: ZAP

Posted: September 26, 2012 in ELO, ZAP

Students use their ZAP hour to read or get caught up on homework. (Photo by Sam Collins)

By Sam Collins
Cougar News Blog

For the 2012-13 year, Cactus Canyon Junior High has created a new hour for students. They call it Zeroes Aren’t Permitted, or ZAP.
Last year at CCJH, the students had an option to get their homework done or study for a test, and that was called Extended Learning Opportunity. This year, ZAP is basically the same thing except everyone must attend, but there has already been improvement in their work.
“I really liked the concept of ELO, but it became too awkward and hard to work with and never really worked the way we planned,” Assistant Principal Joyce Gingrich said. “This is much easier and a wiser use of time during the day.”
Before ZAP, ELO was a way for students to check their grades, finish incomplete assignments, and do their homework early, and ZAP does the same. Since the Accelerated Reader has come back, students now have extra time to meet their goals. Students will also be learning and reviewing Internet safety and digital citizenship during the hour.
Eighth grader Anna Kaip likes to read during this time even after meeting her goal.
“It’s a good time to read and a lot better than ELO,” Kaip says about ZAP.
Instead of the students using their time trying to get out of ZAP, like they did in ELO, they get their work done and their keep grades up. Eighth-grade teacher Marla Aehlert, agreed that this is a much better way for the students.
Since ZAP is another class, some students end up in a room with a teacher they don’t have, but the teachers, including Aehlert, like the idea of seeing more and more students.
“Even though they (students) sometimes grumble about being made to work,” Aehlert said, “I think that they are glad they had the time once they complete something they would have had to do at home.”

By Kyle Sanor
Staff writer

A new program at Cactus Canyon was made to assist students in their school work. This new program is called the Extra Learning Opportunity, or ELO.
ELO is a program being used to give additional help to students that have work to complete but do not have the time to complete. This takes about half of the lunch, which is 50 minutes for all grades. This program can be used in different ways and can be used by any teacher.
Teachers may assign a student tutoring if one-on-one help is needed, study hall for those who need extra time to complete or make up assignments, or for detention. Students may also voluntarily attend study hall or ask for tutoring.
“ELO was developed to help students that needed extra time for learning,” Principal Larry LaPrise said. “We have no after school buses so ELO is to fill the time. We think this will really help out students.”
The ELO has list has been increasing each day, as more students utilize the time. So far, about 100 students in each grade are in ELO on an average day. Those that don’t go to ELO are allowed to enjoy an extended lunch period.
Students said they thought the program would help with their grades..
“I think that ELO is great,” eighth grader Dominic Loomis said. “It helps with my grades and I use it for study hall.”