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Jaden Unise, 8, serves up a cup during the NJHS chili cook-off on Oct. 26.

Jaden Unise, 8, serves up a cup during the NJHS chili cook-off on Oct. 26.

By Anyssa Pena
Cougar News Blog

      Members of the NJHS raised over $300 for Project Help on Oct. 26 with its third annual chili cook-off.
      The money raised from this event will go towards purchasing turkey dinners for families in need this holiday season as well as assist in purchasing holiday gifts for children through the Angel Tree project.
      The event included many different chilis entered in by the contestants. Students and parents could enter a chilli dish or come out to try the chilli and vote.
      Mrs. Schroeder was happy with the the turnout and the amount of money raised.
      “I believe that this year was a successful fundraiser as we had a nice turnout of over 15 chili entries,” she said. “In addition, we raised more funds with this event this year than in years prior.
      The chili cook-off is a fundraiser for NJHS students to learn leadership skills like accountability, teamwork, and time management. Mrs. Schroeder is in charge of organizing it so she does have some expectations from the student to show that they are responsible enough to have another fundraiser.
      “My expectations of my NJHS students in hosting organized community events, is to learn communication, dependability, and a sense of responsibility and citizenship within their community,” said Schroeder.
      Even with the success of the event, the group is already thinking about next year’s cook-off.
      “I am always looking for new ideas and ways to improve events,” said Schroeder.


By Megan Ash
Cougar News Blog

      Something new that the Yearbook staff is doing is lowering the price. Now through the 17th of November, students can order their yearbook for $29, which is $1 off the current price and a $6 savings off the regular price.
      Also with that low price students can get an invite to the root beer-float party that they will be throwing. At that party students can meet with Carlos the Cougar.
      “We are offering a price that’s less than what we pay Lifetouch to have them printed. The books will only be $29 during this two-week period and will be $30 until Christmas break,” said yearbook adviser Jason Davis. “After the new year, they go up to $35. And those who buy before January gets to come to the end-of-the-year signing party.”
      It is important for the group to sell as many books as they can because they order 310 books and need to pay for them before the end of the school year. When students pay the price of $30 they are not getting charged the original price of the book. One book from lifetouch costs about $32.
      “We offer promotions because we need to sell books. The reason we make it is so people will buy it and enjoy it. It’s not the most fun part of being in yearbook, but it is necessary,” said Davis.
      To get the word out, the staff is trying many different things. It is on the morning announcements. Also during the seventh and eighth grade lunch Carlos the Cougar is walking around and pass out flyers.
      “I tell all my friends to buy a book so they can go have fun with me. We need to pay Lifetouch lots of money,” said seventh grader Isabella Vasquez.

Seth Wright plays the egg game during lunch. The game, along with NJHS coin drive raise money to help CCJH donate turkey dinners and Christmas gifts. (Photo by Hannah Molino)

Seth Wright plays the egg game during lunch. The game, along with NJHS coin drive raise money to help CCJH donate turkey dinners and Christmas gifts. (Photo by Hannah Molino)

By Chloe Mayes
Cougar News Blog

     A lot of students love spending Thanksgiving with their family, or waking up on Christmas Day to go open all their presents. Although this all sounds great, but some people don’t get the privilege of opening presents or getting a nice meal on Thanksgiving. This is why Cactus Canyon had the egg sale and is now having the the coin drive. Tina Jada in charge of the egg sale and National Junior Honors Society is in charge of the coin drive.
     The egg sale, which was from Oct. 17-19, is when students pay 75 cents for a plastic egg, open it, and there is a paper inside saying what the prize is. The donated prizes range anywhere from a yo-yo to a huge Pikachu stuffed animal. All the money the school raises on the egg sale is going toward The Angel Tree.
     “The egg sale raises money and is a fun event for students at CCJH. Since it helps those less fortunate and provides fun, I think it is a worthy cause,” said Jada.
     The Angel Tree is where kids that do not get the privilege of getting gifts for Christmas write down what they want for Christmas on a piece of paper and hangs it on a tree. Then other people pick one of the papers from the tree and buys the gift for the kid. The egg sale started on the seventeenth of October and ended on the nineteenth. The only time students are able to buy eggs is during their lunch.
     During the coin drive, classes compete on who can raise the most money in a certain amount of time. The top three classes get rewarded, and all the money that is raised is going toward buying Thanksgiving dinners for families in the Apache Junction Unified School District.This event is being run by NJHS. They are going to take all the money raised and are going to buy as many meals as they can for the families. The coin drive started on November 1.
     “The coin drive asks all in the CCJH community to provide Thanksgiving for some families,” said Jada. “There will be a pizza party for the winners, one in seventh grade and one in eighth.”
     Although, some students did the egg sale just for the prizes, some were happy that they were helping people. Eighth-grader Elisa Pacheco, feels really great about this event.
     “I feel great,” said Elisa Pacheco. “I’m happy we are helping people out.”

By Jenevieve Saidi
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High participated in a coin drive over the week of March 28. They wanted to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
     The fundraiser collected a total of $1,516.18. The American Cancer Society is a nationwide health organization that is dedicated to cancer research, education, and eliminating cancer. It is a volunteer health organization and is one of the largest contributors to cancer research and public education about the diseases.
vLast year the school raised $1,152.87. This year they raised $363.31 more than that.
     “We are proud to have raised more money than last year,” said Meaghan Davis, dean of students..
     The money donated to ACS is going to be spent on cancer research, patient support, preventive information, detection, and treatment. ACS also holds their own events and fundraisers such as Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Yearbook students use new cameras to take photos during a spirit assembly. (Photo by Mr. Davis)

Yearbook students use new cameras to take photos during a spirit assembly. (Photo by Mr. Davis)

By Lexi Demery
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High’s yearbook team received two much-needed new cameras in January.
     Yearbook adviser Jason Davis used the crowdfunding website to get the cameras. The team received about $2,200 total, and about 2,000 of it came from Kia Motors.
     “I wrote all of the reasons we needed the equipment and how in the future we would benefit,” said Davis.
     The cameras, Canon T5I DSLR, improve the pictures and help with elements such as action and depth of field. Receiving the new cameras will help students who don’t have good quality cameras. This will help the yearbook team get better quality photos for the book.
     “Now we will have better quality photos, it will give a chance to those who don’t have their own cameras to use a nicer quality brand of camera,” said eighth grader Lauren Powell.
     Davis decided to go through crowdfunding website Donors Choose and wrote all the reasons why they needed the equipment and in the future would benefit.
     “After we got funded, the site ordered the equipment and sent it to school,” said Davis.
     The yearbook team was excited when they heard that they were receiving the new cameras and were happy that their hard work had pulled off.
     “When Mr.Davis told us that we were getting new cameras for yearbook I got really excited,” said Megan Wagner.
     The new cameras will give the kids that don’t have cameras a chance to get some better quality photos.
     “I hope that students get to boost their self of steam. If your camera isn’t very good, it’s easy going on an assignment thinking the end result will be unsuccessful,” Mr. Davis said. “But if you know you have great equipment and a chance to be capture great images, I think you’re more likely to have confidence to take some risks and get the shots that are really hard to get.”
     The team needed the cameras because they couldn’t afford to buy new equipment on their own.
     “Our program has been losing money for several years and could barely afford to pay
to print the yearbooks, they needed the equipment for years now,” Davis said. “I’m really thankful to Kia and all the other donors.”

PTO raising money with two events

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Fundraisers, PTO


By Abraham Viscardi
Cougar News Blog

     The PTO is hosting a bunco night on Saturday and a clothes drive in the office, accepting clothes and household items. Bunco is played in groups with three dice.
     Bunco night will be at 10153 E. Hampton Ave. #104 in Mesa and run from 6-9 p.m.
     The event will be a night of games, prizes, and raffle. Light snacks and drinks will be served.
     “Bunko is February 20 and the and clothing drive is over the day of the dance, February 11,” said teacher and PTO member Lydia Henry.
     “Tickets are $25 dollars per person and will be sold in the office,” said Jada Tina.
     During the group’s second clothing drive of the year, people will be allowed to drop of clothes during office hours and during the Valentine’s Day dance. The PTO is looking for used clothes and household items. Items are weighed and the organization is paid for every pound. Cactus Canyon will be using the raised money to provide instructional materials and support extracurricular activities.
     A cash prize goes to whoever brings in the most pounds of items.


By Jessica Martinez
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon’s Yearbook began crowdfunding August, for new yearbook equipment. Crowdfunding is a way to use the Internet to raise money for different projects.
     The goal is to purchase more high quality cameras, so the yearbook students would be able to take better quality photographs. They are aiming to raise $2,000, so far they have raised over $350. They want to give the students the opportunity to have regular access to a DSLR camera.
     “I think better equipment will be useful because someone like me for example who doesn’t have a nice $500 camera, or someone else with not that good of quality camera could get a better camera so they could get better quality photos for the yearbook,” said eighth grader Emily Lewis.
     Adviser Jason Davis said over half of the students in class don’t have access a quality camera on a regular basis.
     “It’s expensive,” he said. “The fact of the matter is that equipment matters and those with good cameras tend to be better photographers. Giving everyone access to a good camera every week would boost confidence and allow students to show off their talent.
     The students and the yearbook will be helped out greatly, since the students can take more high-quality pictures, which will improve the book. Having better equipment would allow the students to fulfill their full picture taking potential.
     “If we have more people with the ability to take better photos, our book is going to be better,” said Mr. Davis.
     The students also believe everyone can take more amazing pictures with higher level cameras.
     “Some people in yearbook don’t have the opportunity to have a nice camera that takes good pictures,” said seventh grader SeAnna Brennan. “Students in yearbook could take a really good photo, but because of the type of camera they have, it doesn’t turn out very good. With this fundraising, I hope that more students can be excellent photographers.”
     If they can raise enough money, they want to buy two entry-level DSLR cameras and two additional lenses. IIf crowdfunding works out, they may try again, because more equipment is always useful.
     Mr. Davis said, “If we get this project funded, we will certainly try again. I don’t want to be greedy, so maybe we’d wait a year or two, but we can always use more equipment. Next time, maybe we’d try to get some nice lenses that could be shared among all students.”

Click here for more information about the yearbook class crowdfunding campaign on Go Fund Me.

By Gracie Lentz
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High held a coin drive with Scholastic to earn books and donate to a charity of their choice.
     The drive lasted two weeks in October. Scholastic matched the amount of money in books for the library and then donated an equal amount to a children’s charity. The coin drive made $82 and the two charities that were donated to are Toys for Tots and Kids in Distress.
     “Whatever money was donated during the Book Fair coin drive Scholastic matches that amount in books to the school and then donates an equal amount to a children’s charity in CCJH’s name,” says librarian Jennifer Cameron.
     The motivation to get the students to donate was the prize. The winning class received a pizza party. The class that raised the most money was seventh grade teacher Mrs. Fallon’s first hour.
     Some kids claim that the motivation of the pizza party did encourage them to donate to the coin drive. Even though only one class could win, everyone that donated still got to help the school and charities.
     “The fact that I could have a pizza party with my class sounded fun, so it encouraged me to donate,” says eighth grader Ashley Wood.
     The money not only helped the charities it was donated to, but helped the CCJH library get a bigger selection of books for the students. It could potentially get some more readers at CCJH and help the teachers by having their students always have a book.
     “I can’t wait until the new books come in as it will give me something better to do in class, because it feels like I have already read all the books in the library,” says Wood.

By Skylar Sosa
Cougar News Blog

     Dodgeballs, colored paper, whiteboard markers and more; these are all things different teachers are constantly needing in classrooms. To fix this problem, the PTO is going to be having different fundraisers throughout the school year. The most recent fundraiser being a clothing drive.
     PTO is a parent-teacher organization to help the school in all areas. Last year, SMART projectors were bought for classrooms from fundraising and they want to accomplish a goal such as this once again.
     “We want to see if there is anything teachers need extra in their classes to make their job easier,” Mrs. Henry, a member of the PTO, said.
     The clothing drive drop off took place at the Halloween dance, and according to teachers, was very successful. Due to this, PTO plans to have another clothing drive in the spring.
     “We chose the Halloween dance for the pick up day thinking when parents dropped off their students, they could also drop off clothes or other items,” said Henry.
     The drive was helped by Clothing Cycle, a company that collects donations and pays the school according to the number of pounds received. It then sells the clothes in secondhand shops.
     Not only is the fundraising for teachers, but it overall is for students. Without the fundraising last year, most of the SMART projectors at CCJH wouldn’t be there. PTO wants students to recognize that without events like the clothing drive, there wouldn’t be what there is today.
     “I want to see people in nice clothing,” said Nikki Hall, member of Student Council. “I think school programs like this helps make this happen.”
     The most recent PTO meeting took place on Nov. 9 and they are constantly looking for new member to be apart of the team.
     “We are looking for more members so would like any other parents to feel welcome to join,” Henry said.

StuCo Vice President Angel Meeks paints Mario and Peach to decorate the Loving Legends Valentine's dance on Feb. 12.

StuCo Vice President Angel Meeks paints Mario and Peach to decorate the Loving Legends Valentine’s dance on Feb. 12.

By Rose H.
Cougar News Blog

     Love is in the air at Cactus Canyon and with the annual Valentines Day dance approaching, it’s not surprising to see why.
     This year’s Valentines Day dance has a unique theme, “Loving Legends.” The dance will be showcasing this theme through artwork of famous couples throughout history, created by Student Council. Examples of these couples are Romeo and Juliet, Jack Skellington and Sally, Elvis Presley and Priscilla, and so forth.
      “I want everyone to see what my class and I created to make everybody’s night legendary,” said Matt Martinez, Student Council representative.
     Students will be able to expect the usual DJ and MC from previous dances, as well as the same enjoyment and fun atmosphere.
     “We’ll have the same DJ and MC combo that we’ve had at other dances, which everyone seems to really enjoy,” said Jason Davis, Student Council adviser. A new aspect that this dance will be featuring is an optional dress code, which is “Dressy Casual.” This has been highly requested by students for a few years. Students are encouraged to wear nicer clothing, although it is not required and not formal or semi-formal clothing.
      “Students can show up in shorts, flip-flops, and an old Spider-Man tee shirt if they want,” said Mr. Davis. “But, many people choose to dress up for the Valentine’s dance, so this is a good guideline.”
     The dance will be held Thursday, Feb. 12, in the gym and cafeteria. It will be from 5:15 7p.m., however students are urged to purchase tickets before hand to be able to attend 15 minutes early. These will be sold during lunch. Students who are going must also have been in attendance earlier in the day.
     Student Council is very excited for attendees to join them and hope everyone has a grand time.
     “When it comes down to it, what makes a good dance is a cool atmosphere, good music, and a lot of junk food to eat,” said Mr. Davis. “The people that like those things can expect to have a good time.”