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CCJHS Award from international

By Natalie Delintt
Cougar News Blog

     The Best Buddies program at Cactus Canyon is starting up again this year and with an award that will hopefully bring in new students to participate in the club.
     Desirae Davis, the director of Best Buddies at CCJH, won an award for inclusion, building friendships, leadership, and furthering Best Buddies knowledge in CCJH and the Apache Junction community from Best Buddies International.
     “This award makes me feel fabulous because we worked hard and got recognized for it,” said Davis.
     Best Buddies is a club that students can be a part of to help and make friends with other kids who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.
     This year the new batch of buddies will be participating in Buddy Prom, Friendship Walk, monthly parties, chapter meeting, and fundraising events.
     “I’m excited to make friends, go to the parties, and decorate,” said Katie Wood, an 8th grader in Davis’s class.
     Davis hopes that this award will attract more students to join Best Buddies and help the kids who really want a friend to be able to talk to and hang out with.
     “The award might help the kids realize that the club is good and will want to be a part of it,” said Davis.
     Best Buddies has helped Davis’s students get out of their shells and talk to new people. They have learned that making friends is easier than they thought and talking to be people is also easy.
     “I learned that it’s okay to meet somebody, don’t be shy,” said Wood. “:If it wasn’t for Best Buddies, then I wouldn’t have as many friends as I do now.


By Theresa VanPelt
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon has won awards and almost every activity, and now they win their first award for their best buddies program.
     The CCJH Best Buddies were proud to find out that won two awards at the Best Buddies statewide delebration. The awards that they won include Middle School Chapter of the Year, and Desirae Davis earned Adviser of the Year.
     “I was shocked and surprised at first. But I am thankful and appreciative,” said Davis.
     There are seven other middle school chapters that qualified for this award. Best Buddies is an organization that creates an equal campus and teaches students that no matter what people look like, they should treat everyone equally.
     Students learn from Best Buddies that even though everyone looks different and acts different, that doesn’t make anyone lower than other. They take their experiences in this program and apply them in real-world situations.
     “The Best Buddies members created one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those without and created an inclusive campus,” said Davis.
     This is the first year that the CCJH chapter has won any awards at the meeting. Winning these awards can help encourage students to join Best Buddies.
     “I joined best buddies because I was tired of seeing people get bullied and I wanted them to know that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and how they’re no different than us no matter how they look,” said Marijane Jimenez.

By Sami Groneberg
Cougar News Blog

     Best Buddies and Leo Club are two of the many clubs at CCJH. Both are starting on their second year and looking to make to try new things.
Desirae Davis is the teacher who started the program Best Buddies at CCJH. The program helps students that sign up get to know other students and talk with them and to learn how to become a friend.
     There is also the Leo Club that is run by James Gibson. Leo Club is for a group or students that like to serve the community by volunteering.
     “Leadership and service to others, these are really important traits that help people with all aspects of life,” said Mr. Gibson. “It is also very fulfilling to other who are in need.”
     Leo Club plans to take a trip to help clean a summer camp for kids with disabilities. They will be going on an overnight outing and it will be lots of sweat and hard work, but very rewarding for the students.
     On Nov. 29 Best Buddies will be participating in the Buddy Prom. Buddy Prom is through Best Buddies Arizona for all chapters in the state.They also will be participating at the Friendship Walk and raise money to support Best Buddies.
     Best Buddies meetings and events are bi-monthly. Students in the club sometimes will go to lunch with their buddy, see them between classes, or before school. They also see them at their events. The last party they had was carnival themed. Buddies could get glitter tattoos, do art projects, and different activities.
     Mr. Gibson was approached by the Gold Canyon Lions Club about starting a Leo Club which is for a group of junior high or high school students. He started to the club at CCJH last year and this will be the second year of Leo Club. This year some things are going to be different.
     “I am really allowing the students to run and organize the club,” said Mr. Gibson.
     Best buddies helps students with intellectual developmental disabilities to have students without disabilities come in and hangout with them sometime during the day.