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By Sandy Meyer
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Junior High is allowing seventh grader Nikki Hall to start a Bible Study Club on campus. She asked Cactus Canyon’s principal, Courtney Castelhano, if she was able to have the club.
     Castelhano is going to allow her to have the club as long as it’s with other students and no teachers are involved.
     Hall enjoys talking about her religion and wanted to have a chance to do so with people her own age.
     “I feel wonderful about talking about my religion because then there is nothing to hide,” said Hall.
     Hall got the idea to create the club after her uncle told her that he once had a bible study group when he was in school. She was inspired to create the group by other family members as well.
     “The people who inspired me to start this club are my mom, Lisa, my Uncle Dave, and my Aunt Robbie,” said Hall. “I got the idea when my uncle told me about how he created a bible study group here way back in time.”
     Cindy Wilson is the teacher that will be taking care of the club but not participating. The club will be held in her room but she will not be talking to any of the students.
     “Students use my room, but I cannot contribute to the club in any way,” said Wilson.
     Hall plans to run the club for the rest of the year, and she hopes to continue it next year.