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By Chloe Mayes
Cougar News Blog

     The book club, Raging Readers, is doing fun and new things. Raging Readers is a club where students read and talk about books with other students. The book club meets every other Tuesday and started on the 13th of September.
     One goal of the club is to have an impact on student reading. Adviser John Leal wants his students to take away a love for reading and sharing what they have read.
     “I expect my students to take away a passion for reading or sharing their experiences from reading,” said Leal.
     This is Leal’s second year of sponsoring the club, which he wanted to do because of his love for reading and sharing. He wants students to be able to read and enjoy reading as much as he does.
     Leal said, “I love to read and to share titles in hopes that maybe that person would experience what I did while reading.”
     The book club plans to to have different choices of books than what they did last year. They are also going places like the Renaissance Festival and will help put on the literacy fair in early 2017.
     In a normal book club meeting, students have a discussion about a book they are reading.
     “We talk about characters, plot, and themes about the novel and share how we felt when something happened, or while it was happening,” Leal said.


By Alexa DeLorenzo
Cougar News Blog

     Raging Readers book club began Sept. 15 with language arts teacher John Leal as the new adviser. While Mr. Leal plans some minor changes, almost everything is the same as last year.
     This book club is for students who enjoy talking about books. All of the students read the same book and then have discussions about what they have read. Mr. Leal wants students who will participate in the club and take care of the books.
     “I expect the students who join Raging Readers to share their knowledge and experience with reading the same books, as well as creating something (to share) their experience,” says Mr. Leal
     The club this year won’t have too many changes. Mr. Leal knows that there were field trips and fundraisers for the club. The book club will most likely stay the same, but will introduce new genres of books. The teachers that were the leaders last year were Lisa Smith and Sheryl Anderson.
     “I plan to have similar events that encourage the readers to share new mediums of literary stories, such as comics and manga,” Mr. Leal said.
     Raging Readers is for both seventh and eighth graders. Any student can join at any time of the year. If there is a sport in season and a student would like to join, he or she could always join after their sport has ended. In order to be in the book club, the students must take care of the books and show up to every meeting and always take part in the discussions.
     “If they show up and promise to take care of the books and participate in the discussions, then they belong. We even take folks later in the year,” says Mr. Leal.

By Harrison Talbott
Cougar News Blog

     The Raging Readers Book Club is on its way to a science adventure on May 1. The club will be holding a field trip for its members that will take them to Phoenix.
     Book Club advisers Sheryl Anderson and Lisa Smith want to show their students how important science is in their lives. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Anderson decided that the Arizona Science Center would be the best place to take them.
     “This field trip is to provide a rich learning experience, support science standards, and create excitement for learning science through the hands-on exhibits and activities provided by the science center,” said Mrs. Smith.
     The science center trip will be free to attend for book club members who have completed reading “I, Q Independence Hall” by Roland Smith. Members are also required to participate in Book Club fundraisers in order to attend the trip.
     “All the money comes from the literacy fair held and the generous money from our leaders,” said Book Club member Nathaniel Candelas.
     The field trip has been planned since the beginning of the 2015. There have been several Book Club trips that have occurred throughout the year. The group has gone to the Renaissance Festival.
     “I have been looking forward to this trip since I found out about it at the beginning of the year,” said Candelas.
     The Book Club students will be representing CCJH at the science center and are expected to be on their best behavior.
     “I hope the students reading the novel and going to the science center will see that science is a very important part of our everyday lives, even when we don’t always realize it,” said Mrs. Anderson.


By Alyssa Flores
Cougar News Blog

     Book club has a week full of plans to get students and CCJH staff to read. “I Love to Read” week is April 28-May 1 and is a week for CCJH to show their love for reading, not just in language arts class.
     Lisa Smith, the book club advisor, wants encourage students to read because she believes reading can help students learn new things and can take them to different journeys through the books they read.
     “Reading can be fun and exciting. I want students to learn different books that are out there to read. I want all teachers to share their love of reading, not just language arts teachers,” said Smith.
     There is going to be different activities each day of the week during Study Skills and the materials will be given to the teachers.
     On Monday, classes will be playing “book charades,” where the teacher will be given a box of 25 book titles. One student will act out a book title and the others will guess what book it is. On Tuesday, the students will be playing an activity called “who’s reading the book.” There will be a Google presentation that the Study Skills teacher will show. On each slide, a teacher be shown holding a book they like to read and students will try to guess who the teacher is.
     Wednesday is “worms for bookworms” day and each student will get a bag of gummy worms to eat when they are reading. Thursday is poetry day and teachers will receive paper so the students can write a four-line poem and the winner will get a treat. Friday will be “read with a buddy” day where students will bring a stuffed animal to read with.
     “Reading should be a life time activity that people enjoy. It helps you learn new things and can take you on many different journeys through the stories you read,” said Smith. “Each CCJH (student) gets to enjoy reading with a fun week to show their love. In the same week there is going to be a book fair in the library.
     “I want them to learn how to find a book that suits them,” said book club member and seventh Phillip Baker.

By Raylan Jena
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon Jr. High recently had its annual Battle of the Books, which isn’t books fighting each other, but Book Club students answering trivia questions about books they read.
     This year, the group read several books, including The Maze Runner.
     The Battle of the Books was hosted by book club sponsors Sheryl Anderson and Lisa Smith.
     Other teachers, Tom Mattausch and Carol Dolle, were asked to read the books, make up questions for the competition, and serve as judges during the contest.
     “Battle of the books is competition between teams of readers who compete to answer the correct answers to the questions about the book that they read, it’s like a book trivia,” Mrs. Anderson said.
     “I liked how they asked us questions on the books we read,” Faith Tucker said.
     Like all contests there was a group of winners. Judges picked a winning team by keeping track of how many questions they get right about the books.
     “I enjoyed seeing how well the participants understand the books they read,” said Thomas Mattausch.
     Both of the guest judges explained that they want to continue to be involved in Battle of the Books for as long as they can.
     “I have been involved with Battle of the Books for many years,” Dolle said. “I always enjoy judging, and for the past couple of years I have been the question reader.”
     After the battle members watched “The Maze Runner” movie and had a party with pizza and popcorn.

Harrison T.
Cougar News Blog

     Cactus Canyon teachers Lisa Smith and Sheryl Anderson plan to give students a new look books at the CCJH book club. Book club has been going on for 12 years here at CCJH, but this years is expected to have several changes compared to previous book clubs.
     “We have two new items on the list. One is a lock-in with students, and the other is an end-of the-year field trip decided by the book club members,” said 12 year book club organizer Lisa. Smith.
     Book club will also continue to sponsor the literacy fair as well as I Love To Read Week at CCJH.
     Most of the people in book club share a love of great literature, but Mrs. Smith and Ms. Anderson hope to encourage more student to read through this club. They hope to have 15 to 20 members participating in book club.
     “I am very excited for book club and can’t wait to start reading new books,” said eighth grader Nathaniel Candelas.
     Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Smith also hope that students will understand the connection of books to our everyday lives. They are also looking students to bond with others that share the same interests in books.
     “I plan to take gain an expansion of my mind,” said Candelas.
     Students will have to devote one hour after school in order to participate in book club. Book club will be using room 320 in the 300 building to hold book club meetings. In the time before the start of book club members have been trying to recruit new members for book club.The first meeting was Oct. 14.
     “We meet every other Tuesday from 2:20 to 3:15 in room 320,” said book club organizer Ms. Anderson.

By Mariahrose Manell
Cougar News Blog

The spirit of Battle of the Books is in the members. Battle of the Books is a competition with students who love to read against schools across the district. Lisa Smith, book club adviser, has been having students participate for about 10 years.
To prepare for Battle of the Books members of the Raging Readers club, read the five assigned books and review possible questions about the books. It is a very serious competition for book lovers.
“I believe members should have an opportunity to read several books and show their knowledge about what they read,” says Smith. “It is healthy to have competitions and let members win prizes for their efforts.”
In the Battle of the Books members must have to read several great novels beforehand. The Goose Girl, The Eleventh Plague, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and The Life of Pi.
The books were assigned in October and all of them had to have been read by the beginning of December.
“It is very important for (book club) members to commit to participating in this event,” says Smith. “It shows the hard work and dedication needed to be a part of the group. It also is the prerequisite to attend the field trips along the year.”

By Holly Stillman
Cougar News Blog

This December Cactus Canyon is hosting its first literacy fair. Students, family members, and people from the community are welcome to come and participate in the fair.
The event will be held after school on Dec. 4 from 5-7 p.m. in the school’s courtyard
The literacy fair is an opportunity to have a fun, literature-based night with the whole family. There will be games, activities and books. The activity booths will be based on popular teen novels.
The Raging Readers book club and sponsors Sheryl Anderson and Lisa Smith are in charge of organizing the fair. They will also be receiving help with set up and clean up from Student Council, National Junior Honor Society volunteers, and any other students who plan to help out.
The fair is all booked up with themed activities from different books such as the Hunger Games bean bag toss booth, a cake walk to book theme songs, How To Eat Fried Worms booth, and much more book fun.
Mrs. Smith hopes the Literacy fair will encourage students and their families to read and enjoy stories for all ages.
“I think this will be fun for the whole family and be a great way to spend an evening celebrating Arizona weather and CCJH literacy,” said Mrs. Anderson.
Many of the volunteers at the fair will be from the Raging Readers book club and NJHS students looking for service hours.
“I am volunteering because I like seeing the people enjoy what we put together in a fair,” said eighth grader Ashli Albertsen.

Book club welcomes readers

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Book Club, Organizations

By Mariahrose Manell
Cougar News Blog

This year the Raging Reader’s Book Club started on Sept. 5 at Cactus Canyon Jr. High.The club is for those who love to read.
Lisa Smith has been doing the club for 10 years and is starting the club back up again this year. Lisa Smith is also a reading teacher.
“Everyday it is a blessing,” said Smith. “To be able to share my love of reading with students.”
Some books the group might read include The Goose Girl, Wednesday Wars, The Eleventh Plague, and The Barcode Tattoo.
“The kids will pick them (out),” Smith said.
Some people read for fun, some read for homework, others read because it looks like a real good book. In this club people read for more than enjoyment. They read for potential and representing Cactus Canyon as a great school that loves readers.
“I like losing myself in a book,” said eighth grader Alexus Thompson. “Being able to escape and get wrapped up in the emotions and the character’s adventures.”

By Sage Lewis
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Book Club students went to the Arizona Science Center April 13. The students completed a science project to be eligible to go to the museum with the club. Book club participants looking to expand their knowledge and experiences in school took part in the activity.
Book Club, a club of CCJH students that enjoy literature and books, completed a extended learning project to be eligible to go to the science museum.
“They (had) to perform an experiment and create a scientific board using the format,” said adviser Lisa Smith. “They had to perform the experiment, create the board, and they present their projects to a panel of judges.”
Students had to sacrifice after-school time and any other extra time to work and learn with the project to go enjoy the science museum in Phoenix, but students said it was worth it.
“I learned about the Renaissance era, science facts and about different animals,” said eighth grader Brittany Wilson. “It helped me to focus more on my school work and become a more active and participating member.
“We learned many details on how to recycle, reuse, and reduce many materials. We learned lots of information about the planet from the planetarium. We also a lot about force and motion with hands on experiments in the museum,” Smith said.
Wilson said the club likes to go on trips to show that club members have interests beyond just books.
“Participating in the book club field trips is important because book club isn’t just about reading; we learn other things too. Plus, when we’re on a field trip, we have fun and make inside jokes.”