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By Angel Meeks
Cougar News Blog

The knitting club has been very busy lately, making many beanies for the kids in need of them. They’ve already sent out about 50 hats and are looking to send 50 more to an organization called the Global Orphan Project, which helps provide care to young children in danger of being orphaned.
The supervisor of this club, Jodi Rodgers, is putting her students to work, having them knit as many hats as possible. Even though making so many hats is time consuming and lots of work, the students are really enjoying the knitting.
“I want my students to learn that is easy and fun, to help other people out that are less fortunate than themselves, all it takes is a little time and a willing heart to make a difference,” said Rodgers.
Since the students have joined, they have learned many new skills in knitting. They have increased in skill and enjoy making beanies for the children in need.
“I have improved at nimble type things, because part of knitting is nimbleness,” said one of Mrs. Rodgers students, Michele Darnell.
The hats may take an hour to make but they still enjoy it, and the boys seem to have more interest in knitting the hats.
“Each hat takes about an hour to make, and typically I have more guys that enjoy knitting than girls,” said Rodgers. “The guys seem to do a better job at knitting, but it’s so easy, everyone has a good time with it and it’s kind of hard to mess it up.”
Their goal by the end of the year is to have at least 50 or more beanies knitted, so far they have knitted about 43 hats since the start of the semester.

By Anna Gray
Cougar News Blog

Last year Jodi Rodgers accidentally created a knitting club and is going to continue holding the club during ZAP this year.
So far, Ms. Rodgers has had 10 students join the club. They are working toward knitting 100 adult hats to give away during Christmas, but they also knit children’s and infant hats. Twenty-two children’s and 33 infant hats have been knitted, which are being shipped to Ethiopia over fall break.
“I want students to learn that it is easy and fun to help other people who are less fortunate than themselves,” said Ms. Rodgers.
Toward the end of the second quarter last year Ms. Rodgers was trying to accomplish the same goal but by herself. She was running out of time and she noticed a student in OCS who had finished his work, so she put him to work. After that, whenever a student in OCS finished his or her work Ms. Rodgers had them knit. Eventually, other students found out about it and the club was formed.
Eighth grader Audrey Powell said, “It’s a very good thing to do for the less fortunate, and I plan to continue knitting.”
This club allows students to give to others and get excited about reaching a goal. They will be taught that giving to less fortunate people is a very good trait, while they learn a new skill that they could take with them as an adult.
Throughout the year, students will work toward their Christmas goal and continue giving smaller donations here and there.
“All it takes is a little time and a willing heart to make a difference,” said Ms.Rodgers.