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Math club hopes to win competitions

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Math Club

By Samantha Collins
Cougar News Blog

After two years at Cactus Canyon Junior High, math teacher Tina Jada has started a math club for students who are passionate about math. She thinks it will be a fun way to show the kids that math shouldn’t have a bad reputation.
The first meeting of math club was Thursday, Sept. 27, but Jada, along with high school math teacher Sarah Harrison, are happy to take any newcomers who enjoy math. Meetings are held every other Thursday and the group is practicing to compete in tournaments.
Nicholas Kelley, math club vice president, said, “I’m hoping we can get more people so we can have enough ‘brains’ to win a championship, not saying we don’t have enough now. The more, the merrier.”
The idea of having math club came up when Jada, Harrison, and another math teacher, Lydia Henry, went to a math competition and thought it would be a great way to show everyone how awesome CCJH is.
“I think it will let me push myself and become a better student,” math club officer Brittany Wilson said.
Jada hopes that the CCJH math club will go to competitions and win trophies, just like the Apache Junction High School math club.
Kelley thinks that math club will help him get into advanced classes in high school and college.
“I hope that the students in math club take the lessons and ‘tricks’ that they learn and try to apply them to their high school classes,” Harrison said.