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By Holly S.
Cougar News Blog

Apache Junction High school’s Reserve Officers Training Corps class is offering a program for interested Cactus Canyon eighth-graders to come and experience ROTC first hand before freshman year.
ROTC is a military-based class where students learn leadership skills and how to strive in life by learning discipline, creating new friends, and learning new things. There is rankings similar to the military, plus the cadets get to travel to compete in competitions and other states to visit bases. ROTC students also have opportunities to earn college scholarships.
Eighth-graders will walk to the high school after school and stay to practice drills and learn the ways of the class.
Sophomore Riley Stillman will be leading the program and wants to emphasize that it isn’t just military but improving students’ overall attitude.
“We do the program to show the eighth graders that ROTC isn’t about getting ready to join the military, but to have fun and become better citizens in the process,” said Stillman.
Previous eighth graders who joined the program said the program helped get them further in the class in high school.
“The program really helps you learn basic ROTC material that you are required to know,” said freshman Mikey Preston. “It gives you an advantage to know everything you need to know to succeed early in the year.”
The students who started the junior-high program, graduates Glen Stillman and Sara Preston, are impressed with how well it has flourished since it began.
Several eighth graders have already signed up for the program and are excited to start learning everything they can.
“I want to learn to become a better leader in life and have valuable life skills,” said Ashley Mothershed. “Plus, you get to meet new people and make friends in ROTC.”
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